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Breast Implants at Same Time As Tummy Tuck and Lift?

My doctor will not do implants at the same time as my tummy tuck and breast lift. Can anyone explain why? READ MORE

Areola Reduction with a BA?

I was just wondering if I can have an areola reduction during a breast augmentation? I do not need a lift as my breasts are small and there is no... READ MORE

Which Implants Are Best to Use with an Extensive Breast Lift?

Which implant, saline or silicone is best when having an extensive breast lift with the implants? I am having a breast lift as well as implants placed... READ MORE

Should I Have an Excision Surgery to Remove a Lesion and Have Breast Implants at the Same Time or Have Them Done Separately?

I had a mammogram as required before getting breast implants & ended up having a needle biopsy that confirmed I have a non-cancerous complex... READ MORE

Should I Have my Other Breast Redone While I Have my Ruptured Implant Redone, to Match Better?

I had my left breast implant rupture during a biopsy. Should I get my right breast redone, to match the "new" left breast? I am afraid of uneveness... READ MORE

Can I get Butt Implants and Breast Implants at the same time?

Ok so I found out that I don't have enough fat for the butt results that I want and I don't have time to go back and forth. So I wanted to know if you... READ MORE

I'm having a surgery to remove breast tissue and I'm considering Breast Implants. Can I do both surgeries at the same time?

I was born with 2 additional nipples (below my breasts) and had them removed at an early age, but then as I hit puberty, one developed (volume... READ MORE

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