Saline To Silicone + Breast Implants

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Is it necessary to use SERI surgical scaffold to keep implants from moving towards armpit or can sutures work just as well?

SERI scaffold adds 1,000 to cost of surgery. Is this really necessary to keep implants in place longer? Also, is 6,000 for surgeon fees out of line... READ MORE

500 Silicone Implant Will Give Natural Look?

If a person is 5'7, 135 IBS, measuring 38, 27, 38 and currently has 375 saline under the muscle AND changing to 500 HP Silicone under the muscle, will... READ MORE

I Want to Know if It is Normal for my Breast to Be Shaped Really Weird Like a White Whales Head?

This is my 2 nd surgery my first was 500 cc saline over the muscle high profile I just got 600cc silicone under the muscle moderate plus and to be... READ MORE

Can I Remove Saline Implants to Get Smaller Silicone Implants and Not Have Sagging or Rippling?

I've had my breast implants for about 3.5 yrs I went from b with min. breast tissue from kids to a DD I asked for a small D I am slim. I believe I got... READ MORE

Silicone vs Saline? (Photo)

38 yrs old, three kids, 5'1" 120lbs athletic built. 3rd BA, First BA 17 years ago saline 350 cc ( botched) revision this Aug moderate silicone 650... READ MORE

I am a Crossfitter replacing saline implants with silicone. Should I go over or under the muscles?

I had no muscle 10 yrs ago when I got my saline set. But now I compete in powerlifting and CrossFit. I'm heavily muscled now and wonder if I get... READ MORE

Safety of memory gel implants?

I'm scheduled to have my 10 year old 350 saline implants replaced with 700 memory gels on Tuesday. I originally thought I wanted gummy bears but... READ MORE

Will replacing my saline implants for silicone reduce the appearance of rippling?

I am 58 years old. My implants are 9. After a stressful situation in my life, I lost 20 pounds in a short period of time. As a result my implants,... READ MORE

Breast augmentation: from saline to silicone, 13 years after. Is it possible? Silicone or saline, subglandular or submuscular?

I had my saline at age 33. They are 300 cc subglandular ( 36A to 36C). (I'm 5'10'' 142 lb. ) 13 years later implants started to wrinkle. One of my... READ MORE

Second time right silicone implant has had capsular contraction. Could it be leaking or causing infection in my body?

Should I change to saline 395 from 395cc silicone for peace of mind. Should I see a special dr to make sure all the bacteria is out? Could it be... READ MORE

I had a breast aug 4 years ago and since then my right implant has ruptured 3 times. What can I do to stop it?

I got saline implants and my right implant has ruptured 3 times. All three times I felt it when I stretches my right arm up. He now wants to put... READ MORE

I have capsular contracture and may need a revision. Should I choose silicone or saline?

Capslar contraction was my diagnosis. I am in very early stages. I was out on medicine to see if it would slow the process down. If my implant... READ MORE

1 week post op of Breast Implant Revision, is it normal to experience tingling on my left arm?

I had my right saline inplant deflated a few weeks ago and I went in to fix the problem. I replaced my saline inplant with silicone 500cc on both... READ MORE

Why are silicone implants more expensive than saline?

Why is Silicone implants more expensive vs Salines??? A P.S recommended that I get the gummy bear implants because it prevents capsules from... READ MORE

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