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Is It OK That I Can Feel my Silicone Implants Touching my Ribs?

I am 2 month after BA, i have 255cc Mentor implants, anatomical shape. I am satisfied with the result, but one week ago i started to feel in my right... READ MORE

Got Breast Implants Today But Ended Up With a Broken Rib Also?

I was a 36c and agreed with doctor that 600cc was enough for me. After the surgery I couldn't breath ended up in the hospital and they told me I had a... READ MORE

Will They Ever Feel Normal with Flared Ribs? (photo)

Hello, I had 560 Allergan extra high profile implants on May 3rd 2013 (15 days P/O). Pre Op I was a 34AA. I have very protruding lower ribs (Flared)... READ MORE

Hurt muscle, lung, rib or breast? Hurts to take deep breathes in and out only on the left side, from having back popped.

A very large man picked me up and squeezed me really hard to crack my back, horrible idea now I'm in sever pain in only the left side of my upper... READ MORE

If a Breast Implant Bottoms out is Tacking Skin to Rib Muscle to Hold It Up Common?

Thats what i had done !4 months ago and it hurts on a daily basis. This is the 3rd failed procedure with my dr and i need help on what to do. READ MORE

Can I Have a Breast Implant if I Have Thoracic Outlet Compression Syndrome?

I'm 18 years old and I was diagnosed with TOCS and have two ribs removed. I was wondering if I can still have a breast implant and if this would... READ MORE

Very uneven after surgery - what do I do? My PS said I have 'deformed ribs' and I will never have even boobs. (Photo)

425cc over and under the muscle. Only been 4 weeks I know i need to give it more time but i cant even look in the mirror! I went back to my PS and he... READ MORE

Is flex deformity, and gap exposing my sternum/ribs normal? I'm not believing it is. It's painful and needs to be fixed (Photo)

I am 8wks post augmentation today. I am a fitness instructor. I noticed days after BA that my right breast flexed very easily, and in an odd manner.... READ MORE

I am 11 days post surgery and I'm concerned about one of my boobs. I think I have a double bubble. (Photo)

Below the boob and the scar that area is vey tight it feels spongy and there is a flap opening on the scar I don't think it's been stitched properly?... READ MORE

Will implants look smaller if your ribs go inward due implant pressure?

I have 700cc ultra high profile implant and i am very happy, i have read large implants have more complications but to me is worth the risk even if it... READ MORE

Pain under my left breast near scar and ribs.

I have a question im 5 months after my BA and for 3 days i have that little pain under my left breast near scar and ribs. I was thinking that because... READ MORE

Pain under breast for 3 months after having my cervical rib removed. Any ideas?

I had my first rib removed 3 months ago which involved going in at my side and deflating my lung. For about 3 months now I have a pain under right... READ MORE

What are the stitches on each side of my rib cage for?

10 days ago I had 800cc implants placed under muscle. They are moving around, healing well, etc. But there was tape on each side of my rib cage and... READ MORE

Tightness running down my ribs from my scar when I put my arms up to stretch 330/300cc dual plane.

I have a tightness and pain on my left side coming from my scar to the middle of my lower ribcage. My surgeon said its nothing to worry about but I've... READ MORE

Muscle cramping / pain in rib. Is this a normal feeling?

2 weeks post op. I keep getting cramping feeling in my upper arm which has been consistently painful the last 2 days - is there anything I can do to... READ MORE

Would removal of the port pose a risk to the implant after 8 years. I keep injuring my ribs by the port.

I had saline implant after mastectomy 8 years ago. The port was left in as they said it was possible that removal would affect the implant. The port... READ MORE

How can I contact a doctor that knows about Poland Syndrome and can make an surgery for 3 missing ribs?

I have a son wich is 2 and half years old and I want to contact a doctor wich knows more about Poland Syndrome and can help me. READ MORE

I'm having extreme pain under the left breast area at my ribs, to sternum, all the way to my back shoulder blades.

The pain starts under left breast to ribs, to sternum, to back shoulder blades. It feels like my upper breast bone tissue and muscles are being pulled... READ MORE

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