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I have had breast implants for 14 years. How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

I have had breast implants for 14 years and I am now developing a large rash under my left breast, and it hurts and I feel alot of air pockets. One... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement Cost?

How much does breast implant replacement cost as compared to the initial surgery? READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange - Replacing Cohesive Gel Anatomical with Moderate Round Silicone

I currently have the Natrelle style 410 cohesive gel, form stable implants. They are 280 grams, have a diameter of 12cm, and a projection of 4.4cms. ... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement with Breast Lift Cost?

I have 10-year-old saline breast implants that have become too heavy and started to sag. How much does breast lift and implant replacement usually cost? READ MORE

Breast Implants - How Long Should They Last?

I read a on this site where someone said they had to get their implants re-done 20-some years later.  I thought that getting breast implants was... READ MORE

When Should I Have Breast Implants Replaced?

I had a breast augmentation in December 2000. I was wondering, when do I need to have them replaced? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks! READ MORE

Breast Implant Diameter - How WIDE Can I Go in Respect to my BWD?

I am 5'6, muscular 140 pounds with wide shoulders (I look like the comic book version of Wonder Woman). My ribcage measures 31" and have... READ MORE

Is Breast Implant Reduction Too Risky?

I had 500 grams silicone high profile implants place about 3 months ago. They feel a little too big and firm. I would like to downgrade them to maybe... READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Replacing Old Implants?

In 1993, I had Breast Implants (making me a D cup). Now I'm 42, have had a child, breastfed, and when I take my bra off my breasts hang down almost... READ MORE

Difference Between Allergan Style 15 and Style 40 Breast Implants?

I am having Breast implant replacement after 25 years because of capsular contracture, probably a leak, on one side. I want to go smaller, from 420cc... READ MORE

Grade 2 Capsular Contracture - Implant Replacement Not Necessary?

I had 400cc silicone gel implants placed above the muscle a little over a year ago and recently noticed a hardening/tender left breast. I went for a... READ MORE

Heterotopic Calcification of Saline Implants

Doctor recently performed capsulectomy of 15 yr old saline implants, and replaced with silicone implants under the muscle in a new pocket. He said one... READ MORE

Hard Breast Implant After Replacement Surgery

I had my implants replaced after 9 years 10 days ago. One side is soft, feels fine and normal and the other is solid. Implant on the soft side moves... READ MORE

Saline to Silicone Breast Implants for 18 Year Old?

I was small c/full b on one breast and small b on the other. I got saline implants a month ago with 350 on one side 275 on larger side. they feel hard... READ MORE

Is a Violation of the Inframammary Fold (IMF) Considered Malpractice?

In November 2009, I decided to replace 15 year old saline implants after being told by a cosmetic surgeon that they were deflating. The doctor... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Saline Implants with Silicone Through Nipples or Under the Breast?

I have saline implants for 7 years, through my nipples, and want to replace them with silicone. But one doctor wants to go under the breast instead of... READ MORE

Downsizing and Replacing 20 Year Old Breast Implants?

My Breast Implants are approximately 20yrs old and I would like to replace them with smaller ones. Would I need a Breast Lift in the process? If so,... READ MORE

Implant Replacement - 3 Weeks Post Op and Unhappy

I had surgery to replace saline implants overs with smooth gel implants over. Surgeon recommended sub musc placement of implants with lift. I'm... READ MORE

How Much Bigger Implants Are Needed in Breast Implant Replacement?

Hi. I am considering having Breast Implant exchange surgery. I have implants that are about 11 years old, and my breast are starting to sag a bit too... READ MORE

5 Years Post-op Silicone Implants. Small Leak. Can It Be Removed and Replaced Immediately?

My silicon breast implants are 5 years old. one has a small leak can the implant be changed and replaced at the same time? or do you have to explant... READ MORE

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