Rash + Breast Implants

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I have had breast implants for 14 years. How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

I have had breast implants for 14 years and I am now developing a large rash under my left breast, and it hurts and I feel alot of air pockets. One... READ MORE

Rash 2 Months After Implants

Can someone please tell me how often a rash is a side effect from implants? I had my surgery 2 months ago with no complications. All of sudden a rash... READ MORE

Have Small Light Pink Rash On Right Breast?

I have had silicone breast implants 34 years now. never a problem. now they are still soft and natural but i can feel on right breast when i fles some... READ MORE

Is Something Wrong with my Breast Implants?

I have a rash that started in the corners of my eyes and on the underside of both breast. By the second day, it is all over my head, neck, trunk,... READ MORE

3 year old Saline Implants and areola rash 4 months after mammogram. Could they be developing fungus? (photos)

I got saline Implants when I was 26 , now 42 & decided to replace them 3 years ago after suffering from auto-immune symptoms after having a mammogram.... READ MORE

Itch and rash due to breast implants? I had silicone breast implants on August 2007. I was found to have (+) ANA on 2010.

Lupus was ruled out but I have CREST Syndrome. Asymptomatic except for intermittent esophagitis. I developed itch & skin rashes on May 2014. The... READ MORE

I'm so worry about the rash I'm having now! (Photo)

My appointment is o. Tuesday with my Dr. n I'm gonna see a dermatologist on Monday! -also I don't know what to do I'm so sacred I don't want nothing... READ MORE

Rash 5 days post op after breasts. Help me? (photo)

I developed a rash around and in the middle of my breast as well as some in my throat area and upper breast my doctor took off the steri strips and I... READ MORE

3 days after breast implants and I have a rash. What could this be? (Photo)

I am day 3 post op and have a very sore right breast with a little red rash that looks like it has white heads close round the nipple. my right breast... READ MORE

Can my silicone implants is causing my rashes that leads to itching?

I had my implants done 3 months ago and I love the way how I look. But about 3 weeks ago I have been having rashes, almost every night. Was wondering... READ MORE

Undiagnosed rash for 5 years. Please can anyone help? (Photo)

It is under the breasts. It occured within 3 weeks of silicone implants but a breast specialist said it is impossible to be related. I am not... READ MORE

Can a Saline implant deflation cause a skin rash?

I have had my saline implants for 3 years now. I noticed this weekend that my left breast has deflated. Last week I developed a rash on my stomach and... READ MORE

Could leakage of a saline and capsule implant cause a skin rash?

I had saline implants placed in 7/2004, in September of 2014 I noticed that it was slowly leaking. In November of 2014 I have obtained a skin rash on... READ MORE

Rash around incisions. What could this be? (Photo)

Starting on day 1 my incisions itched like crazy. My post op appt was at 1 week, but i took my bandages/tape off at 5 days because i thought it was... READ MORE

Can a rash on stomach area indicate an implant leakage?

No outward signs or breast size reduction visable READ MORE

Rash on R Breast for over a year (Submuscular, teardrop saline) 5year implants. Rash developed after mammogram 2yrs ago. (photo)

(Read top)Tried all the creams & biopsies. Dr said it was chronic Urticaria;thinks maybe implants? Steroid cream works while applied(comes back... READ MORE

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