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Will the Projections and Width of my Implants Get Smaller As They Drop and Fluff? (photo)

Struggling w/ big implants (400cc & 375cc/silicone unders/mod+/13 days po), but not b/c they're "high & tight. Shape: perfect. My... READ MORE

High Profile or Mod Plus?

I am planning on having a breast augmentation done in the next couple of months and i've done alot of research. One thing I'm still confused... READ MORE

Should I Chose 304cc or 339cc Natrelle Style 15 Silicone Implants?

These 2 sizes have the same projection so I am wondering if it would really make a big difference. I am currently a full B I'd rib cage is 28... READ MORE

Best Implant Projection for Women with Hourglass Figure?

I am 5'8", 125 lbs. with a small waist and slightly bigger hips. I have been told I have an hourglass figure. I am considering having 500 cc high... READ MORE

Should I Switch to High Profile Breast Implants?

I have 420cc low profile in right now. My frame is small and I feel like I have a pancake inside. I have never felt the implant projected as much as I... READ MORE

Does Projection Make a Difference in Your Profile for Breast Implants?

Will a projection of 4.2 make more of a difference than 3.9 in your profile? Just making sure I am understanding. thanks. READ MORE

What is the Difference Between the High Projection, Full Projection and Extra Full Projection? (photo)

Natrelle Cohesive Gel Implants? When choosing profiles/ projections what is the difference between the three profiles? I am looking to achieve... READ MORE

Hello, Is It Possible to Gain More Projection over the Next Few Months After the Muscle Has Relaxed More?

I am 5 foot 7 inches, 135 lbs. Breast augmentation 4 1/2 weeks ago. 375cc and 360cc under the muscle, mentor textured anatomical cohesive gel,... READ MORE

Moderate/Moderate Plus/ Vs High Profile?

I am 5'8 139 pounds. Currently i have 600cc moderate implants and although they are a nice size I still feel flat, the sit very wide in my bra but... READ MORE

Possible to Get Small Golf-ball Sized Breast Implants?

I am a flat A cup. I'm looking for a very small breast increase. I just want a tiny amount of volume to plump up my areolas so they project outward... READ MORE

What's Best to Get More Projection with Breast Implants?

I had 475 mod profile unders 3 months ago. They are wide enough but do not project very far. I am 5'6 140 pounds petite looking. Besides talking to my... READ MORE

My Right Implants Project More Than my Left? (photo)

Hello! It has been close to 4 weeks post op for me since I had my breast aug. I went with 430cc silicone under the muscle. Since day 1, I noticed my... READ MORE

Should I Go for 500HP Silicone Unders?

I am 5'3", 105 lbs. I began as a 32A and am currently 32c with 325 MP saline filled to 375. I find the size too small (I have little... READ MORE

Replacing 300 Mod Saline (Allergan). 421Mod+Allergan or 425 HP Mentor. Will I Get the Results I'm After?

I can't sleep at night because can't decide- 5'6 116 size 0 -muscular. Run/workout everyday. I wear a 34c now but don't fill it out. I... READ MORE

Whats Should I Consider Between Moderate Plus and Xtra Plus 'Natrelle' Implants?

Firstly would just like to say a big thank you for previous responses to my earlier question. considering going from 225 (moderate 'mentor') -... READ MORE

Silicone vs Saline? (Photo)

38 yrs old, three kids, 5'1" 120lbs athletic built. 3rd BA, First BA 17 years ago saline 350 cc ( botched) revision this Aug moderate silicone 650... READ MORE

For my tuberous breast, will 450cc - 500cc too much? (photo)

I don't want a lot of projection , but I want them more together , not like is now wide apart , I try the rice test with 500ml and I like it, but in... READ MORE

Do under the muscle implants get more projection weeks down the road also do they get a lot fuller? (photo)

Ok I'm 5'1 114lbs had breast redone I was a d cup over muscle looked big loved it.told ps wanted same size with a lift don't know the cc because it... READ MORE

Moderate or high profile? What about projection? It is not too clear for me. (Photo)

I already chose a 400 cc moderate silicone implants under muscle. But I am not sure if would be better a high profile. My weight 130, height 5'2''. I... READ MORE

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