Post-pregnancy + Breast Implants

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How Long After Breast-feeding Can I Get Breast Implants?

I am a 24 mother of two. I stopped breastfeeding my one-year-old child when he was 3 months old (over 9 months ago). My breasts have reached their... READ MORE

Breast Implant Size Advice for Very Petite Frame?

I am a very petite Asian woman, 31 years old with one baby. I used to be a medium B. After breast feeding for 10 months, my breasts are more like an A... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Breast Lift After Pregnancy

How long after pregnancy should I wait before I can get breast implants and undergo breast lift? READ MORE

Natural Look and Feel Breast Implants for Deflated Breasts?

I've been considering breast implants since I had my son and I went from a small B to a DD while I was nursing. I have a very "deflated"... READ MORE

Do Gummy Bear Implants Give a Good Result?

Do you feel that I will get a good result with the gummy bears? I have already had saline overfill under the muscle (with great results) but then had... READ MORE

I Had 3 Kids. my Breast Sag. Should I Get a Breast Lift W/ or W/o Implants?

I want to know what is more practical. How long do u keep implants in for? My bra size is 36c. I am 5'5", 145 1bs. Implant Scare me.. READ MORE

Breast Implants Saggy After Pregnancy

I got implants about a year and a half before becoming pregnant. Now a year later, after nursing, I have lost alot of the volume in the top of the... READ MORE

Drastic decreas in Right Breast Size, After Pregnancy: Is this normal? Do I need new implants? (Photo)

I havent lost any weight to merit such dramatic loss of breast tissue. My child feeds from both breasts. After my first pregnancy my breast looked... READ MORE

Can I Have Larger Breast Implants Put in Instead of Having to Have a Lift to Restore the Shape and Upper Poll of my Breasts?

Had 2 kids and weight loss. Breasts were never perky really. I have lost all volume in my breasts. I want larger, fuller breast again but don't want a... READ MORE

What Type of Breast Implants Provide the Most Natural Appearance?

I am a 35yr old mother of 4 and have lost 2 cup sizes of breast tissue. I have gone from a full C to a small B/large A. I have little to no volume in... READ MORE

Boobs were soft throughout and after pregnancy: Left boob hard after less than a week of delivery - could it be CC?

Had breast done July 2012/saline/under the muscle. Been great and soft. i still do massages. Just delivered and boobs were soft throughout pregnancy... READ MORE

Will 650cc be too big on me? (photo)

I'm 25 and had 4 kids. I am currently 135lbs 5'4 and a 36c . I'm deflated on top and was measured to make sure I do not need a lift . By no means am I... READ MORE

Are 300 cc silicone implants a good size for me? I want a natural look but I don't want to look too small.

I am 5'3" & weigh 103 lbs. I used to wear 32B prior to pregnancy & 32C during breastfeeding for over a year. After stopping BF, my breasts don't even... READ MORE

One breast bigger then the other 4 years after impants

Had my breast enlarged 4 and half years ago and had bigger implant in my left boob as they were different sizes but since having my daughter the right... READ MORE

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