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Edge of Implant Feels Like a Squishy Bump on Side of Breast

At 3.5 mos. post-op I felt a small bump on the side of my breast near my armpit, @ the time my implant dropped. I saw my GYN for my annual appt.2 wks... READ MORE

Breast Implants: Large Pocket vs. Small Pocket?

I recently noticed that surgeons have different preferences when it comes to breast implant pocket size. Observing photos, I notice that generally the... READ MORE

Pocket Stretched 6 Months After Breast Implants

I got implants underneath the muscle six months ago, now the pocket in my left breast has stretched. What can be done. It is causing the implant to... READ MORE

Can a Torn Pocket Under my Breast Implant Be Repaired... My Surgeon Says No.. Really?

I had a breast augmentation 6 months ago.(440 cc silicone under the muscle) My breasts looked amazing. Last month I fell and injured my left breast.... READ MORE

What Does It Take to Lower a Sub-muscular Implant Pocket? Can It Be Done in the Office?

I had sub-muscular, silicone implants approximately 1 year ago. I have 340cc implants. The right sits quite a bit higher and I'm wondering what... READ MORE

Are my Breast Implant Pockets Too Big?

I had breast augmentation eight weeks ago. I have my next post op appt in 2 weeks, but I am dying for answers now. I started completely flat, not even... READ MORE

Did the Pocket Close? Implant Won't Drop. There is Movement, But Won't Drop Into Pocket?

Left implant won't drop - it will move around but not down into the pocket - it feels like its stuck The pocket under the nipple and its empty and... READ MORE

What Can I Expect from a Pocket Revision Surgery for BA?

I had a BA & had almost immediate CC, I have since had a Capsulectomy.Because the scar tissue was soo significant over a short period of time(3... READ MORE

3 months post op. One breast hasn't dropped. Will it? Should the doctor have lowered the crease? (Photo)

I have 340 cc natrelle round understand and am 3 months post op. My right hasbt moved since 4 weeks. Left has dropped I believe. Will my right drop. I... READ MORE

Options for Fixing "Buckling" Implants Above the Muscle?

I'm 5'3", 135 pounds, with fit, athletic build. I have 600cc textured high profile implants above the muscle. The problem is the pocket wasn't opened... READ MORE

Can an over Cut Pocket Heal Back Together by Taping?

I had BA ten days ago. After five days the left breast was sitting to too low. The nipple too high. The surgeon agreed, he said the pocket on the left... READ MORE

Does How the Surgeon Makes the Pocket Effect How the Implant Looks?

I received 275cc mentor moderate classic silicone unders 3 weeks ago. I absolutely Love my surgeon & my results. Everyone says that moderate... READ MORE

What To Do About Breast Pain 1 Year After Stitching Pocket

I've had my implants for about 6 years, but last year I had stitches added to the breast pockets to make the implants sit closer. Everything... READ MORE

325cc, Silicone Mod+: Inner pocket too small? (Photo)

5'0 100lbs 325ccs silicone mod+ submusc in crease. 2 months post-op and still look angular underneath. Got go ahead from PS to begin compression... READ MORE

How Does a Plastic Surgeon Create a Pocket That Will Not Allow Bottoming Out?

How does a plastic surgeon ensure that a relatively large silicone implant (400-450cc) will not bottom-out if only minimally covered (top 1/3-1/2) by... READ MORE

Adding Volume to Implants

Can a PS put more volume implant with same diameter if he makes bigger pockets.My pockets are not up to the clavicle.Ihave high profile saline... READ MORE

Small Pocket? Breast Implant Movement Acting Like Memory Foam?

My left saline implant took 7-8 weeks to drop. After dropping I noticed when massaging, it takes a few seconds to return to its position. Like a... READ MORE

Left Breast Still Firm 2 Year Post-Op Implants, Could the Pocket be Too Small, Minor Cc, Muscle not Relaxed?

I'm almost two years post op, and my left breast is still firm when I'm lying on my back. I can press a finger into it ok but it is too firm... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op and I think one of my pockets maybe over dissected. Any opinions or advice? Much appreciated (: (Photo)

Hi I am 5'4, 105lbs with 400cc high profile subfascia placed silicone implants. At 3 weeks I had my left breast drained (about 50cc) and it's healed... READ MORE

Bottoming Out, Over-dissection, I'm 99% Sure This is What I Have?

3 weeks post op. Over dissection of the implant pocket made by the surgeon during the time of surgery usually will see bottoming out start almost... READ MORE

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