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Are Before and After Pictures Good Representations?

I'm considering Breast implants but I'm really put off by all the before and after pictures I see online. Are these typically the final result? They... READ MORE

I decided on 650 cc's, on the very last sec the doctor told me I could do 700 cc's. Do they look to small? (photo)

Their wide and full, but don't look to boosimgly or out. I to him that I love that they look natural and he did a beautiful job, except I feel they... READ MORE

Will implants without a lift work for me? (Photo)

I am 29 years old and want implants. My breasts have deflated over the years but even more so in the past few months. I am training for a bikini... READ MORE

Looking for suggestions on profile and size for deflated breasts? (Photo)

I have scheduled my surgery date for my breast augmentation but I had no idea about "profiles" before my consultation and did not get the chance to... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op: What should I tell my doctor in order to improve my boobs? (Photo)

Surgery Date: November 22, 2013(inframammary crease, Saline implants are 420cc and were each filled to 475cc) Today's Date: January 26, 2014 Bra Size... READ MORE

small A and after researching I am leaning towards 500 cc silicone - is this to big for my frame? I am 5'1 126 pounds (Photo)

I want cleavage but also want a drop look meaning a natural look don't want to look fake or extremely round and I have been advised hp ? Is this to... READ MORE

Do most doctors stray away from high profile implants? (Photo)

My PS stated that HP are usually reserved for reconstructive surgeries. She stated that HP in other cases usually gives too much of a "fake" or... READ MORE

Have my breasts bottomed out? (photo)

I got my breasts done 4 months ago. I had 450 cc silicone HP implants. Ive been freaking out all day because I noticed that my nipples seemed really... READ MORE

Breast implant sizing which would you recommend? (Photo)

I went to see a surgeon a yr ago,it wasnt what i hoped, id breastfed 2 kids (deflated breasts). ive lost weight since.i wear a 32b bra.i have tried... READ MORE

HELP! I can't decide on CCs (photo)

I thought I was sure about the size I picked but I'm now having second thoughts, PLEASE HELP! I'm petite. 5 foot. 32b. I'm looking to be a small D.... READ MORE

Can I go from a B cup to a C cup with 350cc or 375cc saline implants under the muscle? (photo)

I want to be about a C or full C cup, i had one kid, and my size is a small B deflated, nipples at bottom of breast. My doctor suggest a lift, not... READ MORE

Help. So I am supposed to get 750 cc gel under muscle implant will that make me look full and fake? (photo)

Ok I am supposed to get surgury jan 14 th I am getting nervous all the results I read that gel will give more of a natural look. I don't want that I... READ MORE

Follow-up with Photos: What size implant would be right to achieve a natural look? (Photo)

28yrs old 5'5" 133lbs 34b-36ab. No bra really fits properly. Had second child almost a yr ago and breasts are deflated. I am planning on a breast... READ MORE

i got 380cc high profile implants. Will they fall? (Photo)

I have been massaging, my two week post pictures both boobs looks the same though the one that is most lowest has always been like that. what can i... READ MORE

Drastic decreas in Right Breast Size, After Pregnancy: Is this normal? Do I need new implants? (Photo)

I havent lost any weight to merit such dramatic loss of breast tissue. My child feeds from both breasts. After my first pregnancy my breast looked... READ MORE

Follow up question to is 500cc too large - Is recovery harder with a larger implant?

(additional Details) The plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic... READ MORE

Is a D cup attainable with my breasts? (Photos)

General consensus is that I have either a mild case of tubular breast or at the least a constricted lower pole. I would love to be a D after... READ MORE

Is a revision needed for my desired look, or will my implants continue to drop and give me fullness in time? (Photo)

5'9 135p 25yr Aug 2013-380cc hp saline unders armpit incision. Implants very high with too much upper pole fullness. Revision Dec 2013 510cc sientra... READ MORE

Natural looking Implants for thin and bony flat-chested women (Photo)

I was confused as to which type of implants would look the most natural on my chest, I'm worried that a natural look would be impossible to achieve... READ MORE

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