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Will a Periareolar Lift Plus Implants Give a Perky Look?

I'm looking to get a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I'd really like to avoid a full mastectomy or or having a lollipop incision due... READ MORE

Have my Breast Implants Bottomed Out?

Was 34B got 300cc in 1, 350cc saline, areola incision, under muscle. Im 2 1/2 wks post op theyre still a bit swollen/high up but getting better... READ MORE

Breat Implant Infection (Red Blotchy Spot Under Nipple Incision) - When Will It Heal?

I recently developed a small quarter sized red blochy spot under my left nipple incision 2wks after m y breast augmentation. I had the surgery done... READ MORE

11.7cm or 11.2cm Breast Implants for a 13cm BWD?

I'm going to be getting moderate profile silicone implants by Allergan combined with a periareolar lift. My doctor is going to use the dual plane... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Saline Implants with Silicone Through Nipples or Under the Breast?

I have saline implants for 7 years, through my nipples, and want to replace them with silicone. But one doctor wants to go under the breast instead of... READ MORE

Pain in Left Breast After 1 Year and Breastfeeding

A year ago, I had implants put in through my nipples and under the muscle. Little did I know, I was pregnant 3 days on the day of my surgery. I am... READ MORE

Breast augmentation through periareolar

Hello I've been thinking of getting silicone implants and have visited 3 cosmetic surgeons so far and all of them had different opnions, so i am... READ MORE

Bottoming Out or Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I had my BA done in 2003. Saline 300cc o/f to 330cc placed under the muscle, periareolar incision. I gave birth to my second child in 2007 but did not... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for a Periareolar Lift with Implants? (photo)

Am I a Candidate for a Periareolar Lift with Implants? READ MORE

Would I Need a Breast Lift for my Right

I want to get a breast augmentation with periareolar reduction. I also want to get high profile implants so would this help fill out the shape more... READ MORE

Which is the Best Incision site for me?

I have uneven breast and I want as minimal scaring as possible. I am biracial with no history of keloids. Which is the best incision site to create... READ MORE

Is a D cup attainable with my breasts? (Photos)

General consensus is that I have either a mild case of tubular breast or at the least a constricted lower pole. I would love to be a D after... READ MORE

Will my periareolar scars ever fade? (photo)

I had periareolar breast augmentation about 3 months ago and I am so unhappy with my scars. They are very red and there are multiple red dots outside... READ MORE

My incision does not appear to be healing. I am 9 days post op. How should this be taken care of?

How should this be taken care of? I am still taking Keflex 3 times a . My nipple is darkened and he said it was a scab. The underside of areolea where... READ MORE

Do I need to replace my silicone implants if I just want adjustments made to the positioning (2 years post op)?

I am happy with almost everything about my implants so I don't really want to remove them and start anew. I just feel they are slightly too high. I... READ MORE

I'm still very sore after 3 weeks from getting implants. How long till I will feel better? (photo)

Is there a chance ill get another hematoma? I had silicone implants done on Nov 21 my left breast had been bruised and it was getting worse & I... READ MORE

Size and swelling after BA?

I had BA with Periareolar lift and 550 cc smooth high profile silicone, PS said no ice or wrap/binder to use just sports bra. What size will I be. I... READ MORE

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