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'Sloshing' Since the Day of my Surgery Last Week. How Soon Does That Go Away?

I had 250cc high profile Mentor silicone gel implants placed submuscular less than a week ago. Since the day of surgery, I've had sloshing noises... READ MORE

Weird Sensation and Squeaking Noise in Left Breast 3 Weeks Post Op?

I had silicone implants put in, submuscular 3 weeks ago. I notice my left breast is dropping and softening faster than my right, which I've heard... READ MORE

3 Days Post-Op and Implants Are Making Noises, Should I be Concerned?

I had silicon implants on Monday 02/13/12 .... I have 400 cc's in left breast and 450 cc's in the right breast under the muscle incision under... READ MORE

1 Week Post Op, 300cc Silicone Submuscular; Bruised, Swollen, Too Big?

I am 7 days post op. I had 300 cc silicone implants sub muscular with a lift. They are so bruised and swollen. At least I hope that is swelling. These... READ MORE

Saline Implants Underfilled, Abnormal Shape and Air Bubbles Worsening Since 2007, Options?

Under muscle saline implants. Originally the surgeon said I needed 425cc although I thought it was too much (I was 5'tall 125lbs)but he insisted.... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op Hearing A Clicking on Part of Implant, Is This the Valve?

I had under the muscle saline implants put in about three weeks ago. The Brand was Natrelle by Allergan, 65 mp ,300cc filled to 350cc. I feel a... READ MORE

Is The Squeaking I Hear A Seroma 8 Years Post-Op?

After I ran this morning, I noticed a weird squeaking or gurgling when I moved my breast in any kind of way. At first it was both sides now primarily... READ MORE

Breast Massages & Odd Clicking Noise - 7months Post Op?

I am 7 months post op. When I massage my left implant it is completely soft and moves around nicely in the pocket. When I massage my right implant it... READ MORE

Popping and Gurgling Noise 7 Weeks Post Op?

I had silicone breast implants about 7 weeks ago. When lying on my back or left side, my left breast makes a popping, sloshing type of noise. I did... READ MORE

4wks Post Op and Left Breast Squeaks and Seems a Little Bigger. Is This Normal?

I'm 4 weeks post op from breast implants. about a week ago the left side started squeaking and hurting again and it seems like it's a little bigger.... READ MORE

Strange Noises in Both Gel Breast Implants?

Hi, I have had gel breast implants for 8 years with no prior problems. I had an MRI less than a year ago and all was clear. However I have been... READ MORE

After 4 Years Implant Started Making Crackle Noices and Popping Noises Doent Hurt Feels Wierd Should This Be Checked?

It is a natrelle silicone 421 cc feels like popping bubbles or crackling feels weird no pain n READ MORE

Is a weird noise normal 5 days post op while massaging?

I am 5 days post op and started to massage my implants. I have the Natrelle ones and on my left side, up near the top closer to the bone, I am... READ MORE

Hello, I am 6 weeks post op. All of a sudden left medial lower aspect is resisting movement and has a groove/dent squeaky noise.

I started noticing this week 6weeks post op that left side is not perfect any more. I have weird looking dent on the side the breast meets resistance... READ MORE

I had a BA on dec 26, I am experiencing Gargling in my left breast . How long will this last?

I feel air or fluid at time in my left breast . It has only been a week will this last long? READ MORE

Is sternal pain and unilateral "sloshing" noise normal 9 days post-op?

On 11/18 I had subpectoral BA with 650cc silicone, healing well bruising gone, swelling has diminished. I was virtually pain free on day 7, then day 8... READ MORE

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