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How Much Does an MRI After Breast Implants Cost?

About how much does an MRI costs after you have your Breast implants? I'm considering having breast augmentation but I heard that MRI's are really... READ MORE

Will a Breast MRI Always Find Silicone Rupture or Extracapsular Towards Armpit?

I have had my silicone implants for 9 years. They are behind the muscle. There have been some subtle changes in the sizes and shapes of both breasts,... READ MORE

Why Am I Being Asked if I Have Breast Implants Before an MRI?

I have breast implants from 9yrs ago and now have been told i cant have an MRI brain scan i am due until they can identify if they have a microchip in... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants Done in 1972. Recent MRI Completed - Remove or Leave Alone?

MRI:Rt Breast-small zone of posterior contained intracapsular implant rupture,subcentimeter area.No evidence for parenchymal silicone or gel bleed... READ MORE

I Really Want Memory Gel Implants, but Don't Want the Cost of the MRI's, Options?

I understand that they need to be checked, but is there a less expensive way to check for leaks or rupture. I also am aware that I may need additional... READ MORE

Leaking Silicone Implants

Inadvertently there is a "mass" discovered on the MRI at the level of my sternum. Could this be a leakage from the implants. Thanks for your... READ MORE

Fluid Found Around Implant on Ultrasound?

The reason it has taken eight months is first I went to an ob-gyn, who sent me to a breast center for a mammogram and an US, Then back for an MRI. I... READ MORE

Pain Under One Silcone Breast Implant After 25 Years, Should I Have a MRI?

Hi, I have had my Silcone Breast implants for 25 years and they have been perfect with no problems. Recently, I have a dull ache under my right... READ MORE

How dangerous are gummy bear implants for the health?

I am considering breast implants and scared of the possible health risks connected to gummy bear implants. Also, I am concerned about the expenses... READ MORE

What are the issues to be concerned about when old breast implants "leak" into the shell but do not rupture?

Follow up of MRI indicates a leak but not a rupture. My PC MD thinks we should just keep a watch on it. What happens when they rupture and what can... READ MORE

Can a 40 year silicon breast implant have micro leaks? They gave me an MRI and can't find leakage.

I am very sick & doctors don't understand why. I'm a 76 y/ o female whose had silicon breast implants in 76. I had an MRI to r/o a leak but wonder if... READ MORE

Is it imperative to have an MRI every 3 years to check for leaks if you have silicone implants?

In doing some research on silicone implants, I have read that some doctor's recommend MRI's once every 3 years to check for leaks in silicone implants. READ MORE

Could my Issues Be Related to Placement Around Muscle? (photo)

Would MRI and Ultrasound Be the Safest Way to Find out What's Going On? I'm having numbness & tingling along with a dull achy feeling from my... READ MORE

A dermatologist determined that silicone is now leaking from my ruptured 40+-year-old implant through my skin. Is this likely?

The rupture of both implants was confirmed by MRI. Beneath my L breast what appears to be a keloid scar has formed. It feels sticky to the touch and... READ MORE

Silicone implant rupture? Radiologist won't do MRI w/o mammogram. I refused mammogram. Pain for a week, now zero pain.Concerned?

2 wks ago I had a burning pain in the middle & right side of my chest. Was at work (RN) and felt like I had to hold my breast to ease the pain. The... READ MORE

An Ultrasound confirms a rupture and a couple of months later a MRI shows NO rupture? Why is this?? (photo)

I originally noticed hardening to the left boob. An ultrasound shows silicon leaking out and rippling to the outer edge of the implant. Although my... READ MORE

What will an MRI report specifically say if a Silicone Implant is ruptured?

I dont think mine was read correctly. I have had pain and burning in my breast for a month. READ MORE

Saline Implant MRI result question?

I have smooth saline, under the muscle implants which were put in place June 2005. The records are destroyed by the doctor but another PS estimates... READ MORE

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