Memory Gel + Breast Implants

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Are Mentor III Memory Gel Anatomically Shaped Implants Any Good?

What are your feelings on the Mentor III Memory Gel anatomically shaped implants? I am a retired thoroughbred jockey at 5 ft 4 in 104 lbs and wondered... READ MORE

How Long Before Memory Gel Implants Feel Natural?

It's been three weeks since my memory gel implant. Is it normal for my breasts to still feel firm and tighten when cold? It feels really hard when I... READ MORE

How Long Do Large Breast Implants Take to Drop?

Hi I had breast augmentation on nov. 4th it's been 10 days and I'm wondering how long on average do implants take to drop? I received mentor... READ MORE

2 Months Post Op and Breasts Are Uneven: Will They Even Out?

I am just a few days shy of 2 months post surgery and I am very concerned that my breasts are different sizes and one sits lower. Before surgery I was... READ MORE

Differences Between Memory Gel and Cohesive CPG Mentor Implants

What are the differences between the Memory Gel and CPG Cohesive gel implants? Is it true that the CPG is thicker and stronger and will retain shape... READ MORE

What is the Price Difference Between Memory Gel and Saline?

Is there a huge price difference when choosing Memory gel over a saline implant? READ MORE

If Ruptured, Could Silicone Memory Gel Implants Migrate Through the Body and Cause Problems?

I got silicone gel implants two months ago, the MemoryGel kind by Mentor. I am worried I wont be able to detect a leak down the road. If my silicone... READ MORE

Are All Silicone Implants Memory Gel?

Im very interested in having silicone implants. However the complications are holding me back. memory gel seems very safe since it doesnt move out of... READ MORE

Do Memory Gel Implants Shrink?

I was wondering if Memory Gel Implants will shrink over time? I've heard that Saline implants does shrink as time goes on. I am not talking about... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Silicone Implants to Move when Massaged?

Dear Dr. I had my breast augmentation done 3 weeks ago today with 350cc mentor memory gel implants. I noticed after 1 week of massaging (although feel... READ MORE

Memory Gel Implants for Women Under 22? Suggested?

Hi I am interested in Memory Gel implants for a while, as for my age I am only 20. I was wondering is it safe for women to get silicone at this age? I... READ MORE

If my Memory Gel Breast Implant Suddenly Got Squishy After Rough Handling, is It Broken?

I got memortgel implants (450ml) in April and after rough handling, one is much squishier than the other and makes noises. What is the likelihood that... READ MORE

Whats the Big Difference Between Silicone and Memory Gel? is It Just a Brand Name?

I'm 5ft 9". Lost a lot of weight, about 85 lbs. I want a tummy tuck breast lift with an implant. I wear a 34saggyb. I will do at least three consults.... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Op, Left Breast High and Stiff? (photo)

I had 275 cc Mentor Memory Gels placed under the muscle three weeks ago. My right breast has dropped significantly, but my left breast is in the same... READ MORE

Is 460cc Memory Gel Too Large for 5'4m, 130LBm, 32B?

I am getting 460 cc's on a petite frame 32b cup 5'4,130 pounds how big will they be you think?   READ MORE

Perspective on Cup Sizes?

I am 5'6" and 115. I was 32B and with 375 HP memory gel under the muscle a year ago. I am now a 32DD. My surgeon seemed surprised with my... READ MORE

Can MemoryGel Implants Be Inserted with T.U.B.A?

Is this possible? I am 20 years old, 5"2 and weigh about 105 lbs. I am currently a very small B cup and would like to be a C. I heard memory gel... READ MORE

Is this normal? (Photo)

Today is post op day 2. Had mentor memoryshape 375 cc under the muscle in both breasts. I know they aren't supposed to look perfect after surgery but... READ MORE

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