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Is Cc and Grams the Same Thing?? if my Doctor Says Im Getting a 295 Grams Implant is That the Same Than a 295 Cc Implant. ??

Is Cc and Grams the Same Thing?? if my Doctor Says Im Getting a 295 Grams Implant is That the Same Than a 295 Cc Implant. ?? READ MORE

What's the Biggest Breast Implant I Can Get with my Measurements?

HELP! whats the biggest cc i can go with my measurements? can i do 500cc?? 5'4 32in waiist 27in around under boob 30in arond over boob 34A /B cup size... READ MORE

What is a Safe Range to Stay in when Matching the Diameter of a Breast Implant to Your Bwd?

When choosing a breast implant to match your bwd, how close do you have to be? Is there a range that is safe or recommended? Is going over 1 cm really... READ MORE

With my Measurements, What Would Be a Probable Implant Size?

I know my self-taken measurements will likely vary from those taken by my plastic surgeon, and that there are many other things to take into... READ MORE

Breast augmentation CCs question. With my frame, would a large D / small double D look appropriate? (Photo)

5'4" 145lb but I m trying to be 140lb when I get my surgery. Approx Measurements bust 36b/34c, Waist 29' hips 37.5' I want to get to a large D small... READ MORE

Silicone Implants: How Do They Read on a Body Composition Scale?

Hi, I just purchased a scale that measures fat, visceral fat, muscle, and water (as well as total weight). Since I have silicone breast implants,... READ MORE

Will my implants fluff out more at 4 weeks? (photo)

Hi! I got 390cc HP silicone gel unders about 4 weeks ago, I did a quick measurement on myself to determine how big I am right now (cup size) it came... READ MORE

What Factors Help a Woman Determine the Right Breast Implant Size?

Does skin elasticity, level of physical fitness, age, weight and other factors need to be considered when choosing a breast implant that my body would... READ MORE

With a 14 to 14.3 breast width diameter will 275 ccs help me reach my goal? (Photo)

My breast width diameter is somewhere around 14 to 14.3. I want to get a 275 cc moderate profile implant for a modest change. is this possible to do?... READ MORE

Are Hp's Right for Me or Are Moderates Better?

I am 5ft 3in. 140lbs. My ribcage measures 31inches ( I wear a 34 band). My BWD is 14cm on each breast...measured by a doctor. I don't want to go... READ MORE

Serious question about Allergan Natrelle implants. Exact same measurements, different cc's? How is this possible?

I have a question about two different styles of implants 1: natrelle inspira style TSX/TSF Xtra full projection in the 560c 2: natrelle style 45... READ MORE

Do I have enough tissue to cover Saline implant without huge cap and rippling? (Photo)

Had consultation, & I have a wide breast? I want Saline under the muscle. Doc says I will look natural, & not have a huge wide gap. I tried two diff... READ MORE

What size implants should I get with the measurements included in the picture? (photos)

What size implants should I get with the measurements included in the picture? Do I need different sizes? Do I need a lift? READ MORE

100cc=1 cup size if measuring a 32?

Is it true that if a woman measures 32 that every 100cc's are equal to one cup size? READ MORE

How do I know what size cup to use for the rice test?

So confused.. And only two weeks till my operation.... I have chosen to go with 600cc implants and feel confident with the look it gives me when I... READ MORE

Why Am I Having a Difficult Time Getting Approved For 600ccs-800ccs? (Photo)

I have consulted online with a few doctors and all are cautious of giving me 600ccs, silicone, round, high-profile implants. I'm 5'6, 125LBS, small... READ MORE

I want to go as big as I can with implants but I am afraid I am borderline in whether I need a lift too or not. (Photo)

1. Can I go really big without needing a lift? 2. How big can go if I do need a lift. 3. If I don't get a lift now and just get implants, is it likely... READ MORE

I have taken the following measurements and I am trying to decide which size implant I want. (Photo)

I am 6'2" slim, and have always had the problem that I am not filling any bra that has the right cup (D) at the base because my boobs are just flat... READ MORE

I have my BA in 2 weeks, wondering if I am suffering from tuberous breast deformity. No sizers used What size to choose? (Photo)

I am 5'5", 110lbs, 1 breastfed child, measurments of 30-24-35. My Board Certified PS has not mentioned this term to me, but says that I have small... READ MORE

High profile or moderate plus again but bigger to help? (Photo)

I had surgery using moderate plus profile 8months ago. I am having surgery again as not happy. The company don't make the same implants now but still... READ MORE

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