Lymph Node + Breast Implants

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Ruptured Implant and Silicone in Lymph Node

Should ruptured silicone implants in the lymph nodes be removed as soon as possible? Can the implants be replaced? Some doctors say the silicone isn't... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture at 3 Weeks Post-Op - PS Recommends I Lift Weights

I'M ONLY 4 WKS POSTOP w/CC. If possible, I would rate this CC a 6-7 on the Baker Scale. Extremely painful, but always figured from being placed... READ MORE

Silicone Implants Ruptured, Leaked into Lymph Nodes

I had my silicone implants put in, in 1988 under the muscle. I discoved after a mammogram about 2 weeks ago that they are both ruptured and have... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Lymph Node Filled with Silicone Removed?

Hello, I had a ruptured PIP implant removed (left side). Unfortunately I now have an enlarged lymth node (2.9cm) which is very uncomfortable. I am... READ MORE

Leak in Sillicone Implants and in Lymph Gland

Can I get advice on how quickly I should get these taken out?Ive read its not urgent but what does that mean? Within a year or can I wait? We've... READ MORE

I Am 4 Weeks Post Op and Have Alot of Pain in my Left Breast Still and It Feels Like a Lump or Something Next to my Implant?

I received 450 cc memory gel implants and initially my first day after surgery I was very nauseous and still groggy from anesthesia I rammed my left... READ MORE

PIP Implants - Lymph Nodes Echogenic

I have PIP implants and following an ultrasound it has revealed i have two lymp nodes in the armpit which appear echogenic, suggesting the presence of... READ MORE

Can you give me a clear answer as to what happens to silicone that is free in the body after an implant ruptures?

Has anyone ever had this complaint before; about free silicone in the body and what the dangers are. The cancer was on the left; some of the lymph... READ MORE

Should I seek urgent medical attention, or is it safe to wait for my surgeon's appointment booked in two months?

I've had aching arm pits, breast pain on the right side, a very large swollen lymph node on the right side, fatigue and general malaise for several... READ MORE

Can Lymph Nodes Be Taken out the Same Time when Having a Breast Replacement Operation?

After having PIP for only 3 years i have complications in both breast's. :( My left has a possible capsule contraction,rupture. My left lymph node... READ MORE

Should I Wait to Have a Set of Saline Implants Put in After the Removal of Ruptured Silicone Implants?

I have just been diagnosed as having silicone in my lymph nodes and chest cavity. An MRI has detected that both implants have ruptured. These implants... READ MORE

What about silicone migration? Do you try to remove it? What about lymph nodes? (photo)

My failed 23 yr old implants have likely leaked into my armpits. My armpits are swollen and painful. I have sharp, shooting pain down both arms, worse... READ MORE

Can I leave PIP Implants in ?

Hi, I have PIP implants put in in 2001 over the muscle , a small C , and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever with them. Recent ultrasound shows... READ MORE

Can silicone that has leaked from a breast implant on the left side travel to the right axillary lymph nodes?

Silicone breast implants 2008 reconstruction after left sided breast cancer. 2012 discovered enlarged lymph nodes right axilla. Implants explanted... READ MORE

Possibility of Damaged Lymph Nodes: Transaxillary Approach?

I am considering an augmentation via the transaxillary approach. The doctor with whom I have been consulting has advised against the transaxillary... READ MORE

If I had lymph nodes removed during a mastectomy and my implant leaks. Can it cause other glands in that arm to swell?

I had extensive mammograms done and they redid them using spot compression and ruptured the implant and capsule. Two days later a gland on the inner... READ MORE

Are breast implants placed over the lymph nodes in my armpit?

I had 450cc silicone implants placed under the muscle 4 weeks ago. 1 week after surgery I started having chills and low grade fever of 99.3 every... READ MORE

I had cohesive implants. If the implant did rupture would the silicon stuck to me and get absorbed into my lymph nodes? (photo)

Hi I know cohesive implants are solid but iv seen videos shoring that the silicon is sticky and when he removed it the silicon stuck to his hands. If... READ MORE

I believe after doing some research that my breast implants and my health problems are related. Is this real? (photo)

I believe after doing some research that my breast implants and my health problems are related. Is this real? absolute honesty please Im trying to... READ MORE

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