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1 Year Post Breast Implants: Worried I Have Capsular Contracture

A year ago next tuesday 5/10/2010,I had breast implant surgery, 36DD, saline implants, high profile, under the muscle(My left breast was always a half... READ MORE

When Will my Implants Drop? Did I Make a Mistake by Wearing a Sports Bra?

I had a breast augmentation on June 13, 2012, my implants are smooth round high profile saline, they are still sitting pretty high up. When should I... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Seem Too High. I Got 350cc Implants Put in 3 Days Ago and They Are Too High. Why? (photo)

I got 350cc silicone implants put in 3 days ago, behind the muscle. I was a 34-A before, looking to become a 34-C. I came out of surgery and they are... READ MORE

I Want Big Perky Boobs is It Possible with my Breast Type? (photo)

I got a lift and reduction 2 years ago. I want big perky boobs but I'm a 38D.Is it possible with my breast type? I want them really high the highest... READ MORE

Are Breast Implants Suitable for Women with High Nipples?

I am a 34A and am considering 300cc silicone gel implants under the muscle. Problem? My nipples sit a bit high, and my biggest fear is that even with... READ MORE

Implants are High 7 Days Post-op. Massage?

7 Days Post-op. I Am 5'5" and 140lbs. I Went from a 34A to a D/DD (575cc) TUBA. my implants seem to be riding very high like to my collarbone... READ MORE

My Implants Are High and Under my Arms and They Are Very Tight

My surgeon gave me a bra to wear but it isn't doing anything for me. I have read where several doctors use a wrap to help reduce swelling and to... READ MORE

One Week and Four Days? (photo)

I started with a 32a and got 450cc .. I worry that my boobs are not dropping fast enough .. What kind of message should I do? My surgeon said to only... READ MORE

3 Months and Uneven Implants!

I am now 3 months post op and I started off healing very evenly now I am almost 3 months and my right implant is sitting higher then my left and my... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Implants? (photo)

Why are my implants not looking like boobs, now I know they are fake and are never going to look completely natural but they look ugly to me. Like too... READ MORE

Why is my Breast Not Dropping? (photo)

I had breast implants 2 months ago and one breast will not drop and feels as if it never will as the scar is hard and wont drip below it! Also the... READ MORE

I Went Until 3400 M in a Mountain and I Felt Air Bubbles Inside my Breast. Was It Normal?

I had no pain or other symptom, just felt this bubbles inside my breast. When touched they moved all around the implant. I come back and about 1000 m... READ MORE

Massage Breast Implants?

My surgeon said I was not to manipulate the implants, workout etc for at least 6 weeks but I have seen a lot of posts of people doing massage... READ MORE

Will the Shape Change to Tear Drop? and How Long?

I had my saline filled breast ag high profile implants done ten days ago and they.are shaped weird. They are high up and not.round, will it change? My... READ MORE

I am 7 weeks post op. Why do my boobs look this bad? Is this normal and will they ever drop? (photo)

I had a breast lift r/anchor with 300cc saline implant, l/lollipop lift with 330cc saline implant. They are very high, tight and skin is sore. When I... READ MORE

What is the massage method for making teardrop silicone implants softer, smaller and lower? (photos)

I feel still high,hard, firm, big, heavy, not even for my breast after got 420 cc mentor silicone gel BA 1 month ago. I am 5'2 120pound. Can you help... READ MORE

Too High! 2.5 Months Post Op Submuscular 325cc Implants w/ Lift? (photo)

I am now 2 1/2 months post op after sub muscular 325cc implants and lift after a 9 1/2 stone weight loses and my surgeon has recommended massage,... READ MORE

Can I correct an oversized breast implant 3/4 weeks post op? (Photo)

My left implant is higher than my right implant. My surgeon told me to do exercises to push the left implant down, but I think the problem is that the... READ MORE

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