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High Profile Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I'm 5'6, 135lbs. Currently a deflated, uneven 36A. I told my doctor I wanted a full C/small D & he recommended 440cc HP saline. I asked about the... READ MORE

Is There Anything a Doctor Can Do to Create Under-boob That is Not Present in a Pre-op Breast? (photo)

I'm afraid that my natural breast/chest profile won't yield the aesthetic result I want. I really love breasts that have almost all their... READ MORE

I Wanted Upper Pole Fullness, Why Didn't 960cc Get Me This?

44DD Pre-op and Had a Lift and Aug with Saline 960cc Mod Plus Implants Now I'm a 44DDD. im 34 5'6 and 200lbs, with 2 kids. i wanted to go to a... READ MORE

600 Mp Saline Overfilled to 650 3-28-12 when They "Drop" Will I Gain or Lose Fullness? (photo)

I'm 5'8 250lbs ..I want big perky Boobs. Very. Happy with them so far! I'm scared of all this talk abt larger implants. But I'm not s... READ MORE

Not Sure What Size Implants? (photo)

Recently had my first consultation and not sure what size implants would be best. I am a saggy 34D at the moment, getting a lift and implants. Tried... READ MORE

650cc or 700cc? Silicone HP unders. I'm hoping for a rounded "fake" appearance that gives me upper pole fullness. (Photo)

Hello I'm driving myself crazy. I'm getting HP silicone unders in 15 days.. I can't decide between 650cc and 700cc.. I know it's a large implant but I... READ MORE

How Do You Retain Natural Upper Pole Fullness, W/o Going Big or High Profile? (photo)

& Prevent Implants from Falling into Lower Lobe, 1st BA-350 filled to 375, 12.3W, 4.5 proj. Current BA-480, 13.8cm, 3.9 proj. In both, the breasts... READ MORE

Bottoming out, unhappy with size. Will a thick wired bra really help? (Photo)

I had my BA 6months ago. Unhappy with size aside from haveing bottoming out.I wanted to achieve a full breast look, have projection, and nice clevage.... READ MORE

I'm 4 months post with 450cc high profile silicone. Will I get upper fullness? Am I ok wearing wire bras?

I'm 4mos post with 450cc high profile silicone. Preop I was not even a full A cup. I still have some swelling towards the end of the day depending on... READ MORE

1 Month Post HP Silicone Breast Implants and Experiencing Many Complications?

Im a month post op and I have a few concerns regarding my HP 550cc Silicone Breast implants. First my right breast feels more fuller and more down... READ MORE

Can I re-inflate these floppy breasts with SALINE? Goals: Balance my figure, less flappy, restore fullness, not so far apart.

Originally thinking silicone-now afraid due to the cost of MRI's for ruptures/surgery to repair silicone. What do you think my best saline options are... READ MORE

Will 295cc under help me achieve a D cup? (Photo)

Iv been really struggling with deciding between over or unders as my consultant has said I can choose I am quite an empty b cup after having my son... READ MORE

Had a BA 6 Weeks Ago. Breast Looked Pretty Normal a Week Ago. Now All of the Sudden They Seem to Look Shaped Funny?

Is this normal for your breast to go from looking normal to looking weird. It is almost like I have more clevage with out a bra now but it is missing... READ MORE

The Bags in my Saline Breast Implants Can Be Felt Emptied Upon Touch and Visually There Are Depressions?

The bags in my saline breast implants can be felt emptied upon touch and visually there are depressions appearing to not be completely full. BUT THEY... READ MORE

Can You Get Breast Implants the Same Size As Your Actual Breast Size?

Can you get breast implants the same size as your natural breast size to add fullness and hold them up? READ MORE

Will I get a better natural breast augmentation result with a silicone moderate profile? I'm 5'8", 145 lbs, 34B. (Photo)

I'm 25, active. After weight loss, they've lost fullness and my right one is bigger and saggier than the other. I do strength training all over. I get... READ MORE

Pocket not big enough? 2 month post op 425 cc in left breast. (photo)

This may sound silly, but I read reviews everyday. I want to ask a Q? Does The bottom of my implant look normal? I feel like the inner edge isn't very... READ MORE

What type of implant will be best for me? I have a very wide base width of 13.5. (Photo)

My ps recommends 520cc hp or 525 cc ultra hp to restore my upper pole fullness. My previous question and details are on my profile along with photos.... READ MORE

Post op saline implants, more fullness expected. Is a revision required? (Photos)

I had a breast lift and implant last July with 575 and 625cc saline implant with a full anchor lift but don't feel like I received the results I was... READ MORE

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