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Can Bottoming out Repair Be Done Six Months After Implant Surgery?

One nipple points up and it isn't as full on the top as it is on the bottom. How often do patients need more than one surgery to repair this? How... READ MORE

Why is One Breast Fuller and Bigger and Both Were Placed with 700cc Silicone Implants?

I am 7weeks out of my revision surgery and im noticing one of my breast are fuller and bigger. Why? I am getting pretty depressed. Its a revision and... READ MORE

Should I Get Implants if I Am Already a 34dd but I Want More Fullness After Children?

I am 22 and wear a 34DD. I breast fed one of my two children and lost a lot of my fullness and they sag a lot more than what I am wanting! I don't... READ MORE

Need a Breast Lift and Implants, But Don't Know What Size I Should Get? (photo)

Hi Im 23 years old, 5 7 in height and 140 lbs, mother of 4 year old. I want to have bigger and higher breasts and also more together, I want more... READ MORE

Implant Rupture: What Happened and am I Just Swollen?

I have an implant rupture, or so I thought. 2 weeks ago I discovered my right breast was markedly smaller, the fullness of the breast on top was gone... READ MORE

Is there still time for smaller breast to get fuller/change shape, or is this pretty much the size they will be? (photos)

I had textured silicone implants 7 wks ago, 250&275cc. My left breast seems to have filled out and dropped nicely, but my right breast, which is... READ MORE

Can I Achieve Natural Looking, Fuller and SLIGHT Lift with Implant Only? (photo)

I'm almost 32 years old, 5' and about 120 pounds. I was once a small D or full C but after two children and some minor weight loss, I'm left with... READ MORE

Dont Think 420cc Are Big Enough for Me. Will They Get Fuller? If I Ask For Bigger, Will I Get Charged? (photo)

I just had 420 cc silicone implants with a lift a week ago. I dont think they are gonna be big enough. I was small B now Iam in D cup. will they get... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement After Having a Baby Which Would Be Better and More Natural Looking Overs, Unders or Partials? (photo)

I recently had a baby 7 months ago, prior to my son my breasts where a large C cup, now they are an empty size B. I want a breast enlargement to fill... READ MORE

Whats Should I Consider Between Moderate Plus and Xtra Plus 'Natrelle' Implants?

Firstly would just like to say a big thank you for previous responses to my earlier question. considering going from 225 (moderate 'mentor') -... READ MORE

What is This New 'Fuller' Filled Gel Implant That's on Trial in Canada for the Last 6m?

There's a new cohesive gel implant that I'm receiving in june 2011. Its only been on a trial basis go canada for 6months. The only difference... READ MORE

Lift w/ implants? Or will just implants due? (Photo)

I actually like my breast, but like most women I would like them to be fuller (the pre children breast). I would like to wear clothing and not need to... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Make Ba Look Better? (photo)

We'll I got my ba saline um dual plane 575 right 600 left and I'm not happy, no fullness at bottom and my ps said they're done dropping to wear a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a reg augmentation, or will I need a lift? I'm 5'9", 135 lbs with a broad but slender frame. (Photo)

I don't want to go too big, but I imagine that I would need at least 400 ccs high- mod profile, to fill up all of that empty space. I breastfed some... READ MORE

What Size Breast Implants to Get More Upper Pole Fullness?

I have the PIP 370cc implants (about 11 years now) and after 2 children I am ready to get new implants. How much bigger do new implant have to be to... READ MORE

What is the likelihood that I can achieve a perkier, fuller breast appearance with only Breast Implants, no Lift? (photos)

I want to avoid a breast lift if possible. My ideal size would be a DD I am currently 5'7 150lbs and wear a current bra size 34D READ MORE

Changing of my Implant?

I recently had my surgery, Ihave a 421cc silicon ,moderate profile..i like to have a more porojective look,,the top of my shest doesnt have enough... READ MORE

Is periareola mastopexy w/ subpectoral muscle implants a good option to get a fuller, lifted look after weight loss? (photo)

I'm a 35 y/o childless woman looking to improve her drooping breasts. I'm 5'8, 150lbs and currently a 36/38 B. I'd really like to avoid the vertical... READ MORE

What Implants to Use in Order to Downsize Breasts?

1st surgery I had textured saline 360 cc, 3 babies & 7 years later replaced with McGhan 40 silicone 360 cc. 5'8"/145 34D. Want to be a 34C and... READ MORE

I'm planning to get under the muscle silicone implants. What size will bring me to a full C/small D: 371cc or 397cc? (Photo)

I've nursed several children, and want a fuller look to my breasts. One is smaller than the other, will I need two size implants to achieve a more... READ MORE

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