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Are "Gummy Bear" Implants Approved by the FDA?

Further, what is the difference between the silicone gel and the "gummy bear," if any? READ MORE

Is It Still Possible to Get the Silimed 1000cc Cohesive Gel Breast Implants?

I am 5'9 165lbs and I currently have 5 year old 800cc Saline filled implants and would like to go larger and change to a cohesive gel implant, I... READ MORE

Why is Silicone Safe in Breast Implants, Not Injections?

If so many doctors are against injecting silicone into other parts of the body, why are silicone breast implants considered safe? I've read... READ MORE

I Am Currently in South Korea, I Am Looking to Get Cohesive Breast Implant, is It Safe?

My husband is the military and we are stationed here. I am wanting to get the surgery before we leave.I am concerned on if the cohesive silicone... READ MORE

Are Cohesive Breast Implants FDA Approved?

Doctors: I read on a cohesive breast website that these breast implants are much better. it looked like they arent arppoved. is the fda close to... READ MORE

FDA Says Possible Link Between Implants and ALCL Cancer - What's Your View?

This news story broke last night (January 27, 2011) and I wanted to get your thoughts. http://healthland.time... READ MORE

JPRAS, FDA and Cohesive Gel Implants

On the JPRAS, and It Said That Cohesive Gel Implants Should Be Investigated Thoroughly.Was This Abstract Considered by the FDA? The above link shows a... READ MORE

Are Eurosilicone Implants Safe?

I read a post about Eurosilicone implants. I am worried because FDA does not aprove it. I wolud like to know if this situation still remains. Is... READ MORE

If FDA Does Not Govern the Science of Medicine, Why Can't 18 Year Old Get Silicone Implants?

If most Plastic Surgeons use Medical Devices for off label use, they why can't I get silicone implants? Plastic Surgeons use botox for off-label... READ MORE

Would You Feel Safe Giving Your Mother, Sister, Daughter, or Grandmother Silicone Implants?

Hi! I am considering breast augmentation. I REALLY really want to do this after two years of breastfeeding! I am a thin woman, with thin tissue and my... READ MORE

Are Silicone Breast Implants Safe?

There is a question on RealSelf from 4yrs ago about safety of implants & doctor were sure, however the FDA's updated report in 2011 shows... READ MORE

The Truth About the Safety of Silicone Implants?

Hello! Why don't doctors & manufacturers want to show records of patients who have had the FDA approved silicone implants for a period over 5... READ MORE

Since It Has Been a Year, is There Any Updated Information on ALCL & Breast Implants?

I have read on this board that ALCL is NOT associated with Smooth Walled implants, which is reassuring to me, but the FDA data says that the texture... READ MORE

How safe are Silicone Implants?

After making up my mind that I was definitely getting a breast enlargement I was shocked when doing some research online, to see just how many women... READ MORE

19 year old potential reason to get silicon implants?

I am 19 so I know the FDA says I can't get silicon unless I am at least 22. But I've read that there are ways around it, such as reconstruction. I... READ MORE

Can I get silicone implants before I turn 22?

I am currently 21 years old, but I will not be turning 22 until later this year. I know that the FDA says you have to be at least 22 before you get... READ MORE

I live in Costa Rica and will be going to an ASPS Certified doctor down here to get BA very soon. He uses only Motiva implants.

From looking at Motiva's website, I see that they have a warranty, and that they are supposedly "highly cohesive" and that they use "Medical grade,... READ MORE

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