Dents + Breast Implants

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How to Fix the Dent on Breast Implants

I write this on behalf of my friend. She had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago with the incision in the armpits. Four days ago, she started to notice a... READ MORE

Do I Need Revision Surgery to Fix Dent in New Gummy Bear Implants?

I got 250 cc "gummy bear" implants a week ago. Yesterday, I rotated too quickly to get off the bed and had a sharp, burning pain inside of... READ MORE

Breast Implant Moves when I Run? (photo)

Augmented 4 months ago. When I flex my muscles, left side has a dent on inner bottom corner and implant bulges out. right side I can feel the implant... READ MORE

How to Fix a Dent in my Breast Under my Nipple?

I had some scar tissue, and my surgeon removed it, which left me with a dent, then he went in to correct the dent, and it didnt work, the dent it... READ MORE

Had Silicone Implants 6 Months Ago and Now I Have an Indentation is This Normal

Had silicone implants 6 months ago. and now i have an indentation on my right breast. i was told to wait about 6 months and it would slow go away. but... READ MORE

Rippling and Slight Denting in Breast Implants?

Hi there I had my implants put in nearly 20 years ago (im now 39). I am more than happy with them, they are silicone. However recently i have noticed... READ MORE

I Have a Huge Dent in One Breast After Getting Implants and Now the Other Shows Some Form of a Dent... What is Wrong? (photo)

I had tubular breast syndrome of my right breast very bad. so I had an expander put in and it was filled to a d size so I cld have a size c. This was... READ MORE

Can a bra cause my breasts to shape differently? (photo)

I had 275 cc mentor under and breast lift 12 days ago. For some reason, I didn't understand why my right breast was in so much pain. Today, when I... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a dip in my right breast at week one stage of breast augmentation recovery?

I had my 1 week check up yesterday with the nurse, everything looks good and the scars are healing well. I took the surgical bra off when I got home... READ MORE

Dents On Top of Saline Implants, Never Seen it This Bad?

There really bad and deep it looks like a under filled bag of saline inside of her breast's. She used to have Old Silicone implants. She has very... READ MORE

I Have a Deflated Saline Implant in my Left Breast. I Noticed What Feels Like a Round Dent or Round Hole in the Upper Pole Area?

I Have a Deflated Saline Implant in my Left Breast. I Noticed What Feels Like a Round Dent or Round Hole in the Upper Pole Area? READ MORE

What is This Dent and Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

I am 2.5 months post up and I have this weird dent that I don't like at all. It's noticeable in a low cut shirt and bikini. how can this be fixed and... READ MORE

5 days post-op, 310cc moderate profile. Slight dent? Or double bubble? (Photo)

I am concerned about my left breast when you look at the pictures it's the one on the right. I noticed immediately after surgery it had like a slight... READ MORE

What can I do about dents after explant surgery?

I had 23 year old silicone implants (placed over the muscle) removed en bloc four years ago via inframammary fold incision. It feels like I have... READ MORE

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