Capsulectomy + Breast Implants

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Capsulotomy or Capsulectomy? Which Will Correct a Moderate CC?

7 months post-op from initial B.A. Developed "moderate" CC on right breast at 3 months post-op (implant never dropped and began to move up) and am now... READ MORE

Closed Capsulotomy?

I'm one year postop. My PS has recommended a closed capsulotomy, along with medication. My concern is that the cc will return. I was hoping to... READ MORE

What is the Risk of Reencapsulation in 12 Year Old Implants After a Capsulectomy is Done on One Breast?

I have 14-year old sub-pectoral saline implants. I am taking singulair right now to see if it will resolve the situation. If not, I will need a... READ MORE

PIP Implant Removal - Capsulectomy?

I have the PIPs mentioned in the media currently. I am considering not getting them replaced and just removed entirely. I have had them since 2005 and... READ MORE

Double Bubble or Implant Displacement?

Surgeon says it's not double bubble. Could this be implant displacement as my surgeon says? Surgeon says its not double bubble due to not sagging... READ MORE

What Caused my Rupture After Capsulectomy?

I had a capsulectomy with removal of scar tissue and saline implants, both right and left had scar tissue. The scar tissue was removed on both and... READ MORE

What Can I Expect Recovering From Double Capsulectomy?

What can I expect recovering from double capsulectomy? READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Capsular Contracture?

I haven't had surgery yet and keep putting off due to the worry of capsular contracture it seems to be the most common risk after a breast... READ MORE

I Have a Stage 3 Scar Tissue and Need a Capsulectomy. Its Only Been 6 Months Since my Surgery?

\I have a stage 3 scar tissue and need a capsulectomy. its only been 6 months since my surgery. Im in severe pain and the Dr. quoted me 4,000 to have... READ MORE

Pros and cons of capsulectomy?

What are the benefits of a capsulectomy? What are the risks? How does a ruptured silicone implant effect explant with or without capsulectomy? Thanks... READ MORE

Breast really dropped after capsulectomy, leaving uneven look: What can I do?

I had a capsulectomy and implant change in my right breast 8 weeks ago due to having CC. I was really worried incase after surgery the breast would... READ MORE

It feels like my pectoral muscle is always flexed. Is this a sign of capsular contracture? (440cc, saline, mod, under muscle)

The day after my surgery (1 year ago), I woke up in excruciating pain along the inner cleavage line of my right breast. I was put on fentanyl for 3... READ MORE

2 months after capsulectomy: Bruising leads to lumps under skin

I am 2 months out from a capsulectomy. I was pushing down on my implant when doing my exercises and bruised my breast at the top. My doctor said I... READ MORE

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