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Edge of Implant Feels Like a Squishy Bump on Side of Breast

At 3.5 mos. post-op I felt a small bump on the side of my breast near my armpit, @ the time my implant dropped. I saw my GYN for my annual appt.2 wks... READ MORE

Large Bump After Breast Implants

I had breast implants and on the left one, there is now a bump, rather large, about 1 inch around that sticks up like a second nipple. I was thinking... READ MORE

Raised Bump Along Axillary Incision

I Had 350cc Silicone Breast Implants Placed Through an axillary incision 2 weeks ago. There is a raised bump right below & running the length of... READ MORE

Dent After Breast Implants

I had implants 3 years ago and they have been trying to correct what looked like a dent in clevage line. now its kinda sore constantly and the doctor... READ MORE

Weird Bump at Top of Breast 2 Years After Implants

500cc silicone gel implants after 2 years noticing a weird bump at the top of my breast...? 21y.o. breast aug 2yr ago. doctor decided 500cc 5'2 about... READ MORE

It's a Small pea size bump under the skin one week after breast implant- what is it?

Hi. I am a week Post op. I felt a small bump on my upper side breast. It's as a pea size probably smaller. It does not move out of place, nor it hurts... READ MORE

Dark, weird bump on my nipple (Photo)

I had very small silicone implants 2 years ago. I had nipple incision and it didn't heal that well. I usually shave the hair around my nipples, I know... READ MORE

I have had breast implants for 14 years. I have a raised bump on right breast. Could my implant be leaking?

Over the last year I have become ill. I have extreme abdominal pain and nasusea everyday. Doctors have ran every test. It just occurred to me, is it a... READ MORE

I have recently detected a bump in my breast implant after 7 years, what could it be?

After showering, I felt on my breast and felt a bump that I had never felt before. It is not very large and does not protrude. It can be felt right... READ MORE

Breast Implant Contracture question

I am one year s/p 350cc implants. My right breast has a palpable "bump" that feels like the implant. It is "squishy" similar to silicone and not firm... READ MORE

Slightly Noticeable bump on the putter right side of my implant. Should I worry ? (photos)

So basically I got my break augmentation about a year ago and started noticing a slight bump/fold on the putter side of my right breast ... I went and... READ MORE

Saline filled cohesive gel impants under muscle (incision underarm) 3 days ago:Sharp pain under R breast-same area as small lump

Noticed slight bump under R breast day after surgery (liquid feel) that I can slightly move. Having sporadic/unbearable sharp shooting pains in the... READ MORE

10 yr post op Breast Implant, my left implant is smaller and leaking. Should I be worried?

I have breast implants over 10 years, my left implant is getting smaller like is leaking, it hurts a little and I feel like a little bump (ball)... READ MORE

What is this bump along the top of my incision? (Photo)

I have this big bump a tad above my insision going horizontal just like my insision. What could it be? Scar tissue? Allergic reaction to the tap? It's... READ MORE

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