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How Can You Tell if Your Breast Implants Bottom Out?

Dear Doctors, I've had a slight concern about my nipple and whether it sits slightly high on my breast mound. It has been 6 months post op. I'd like... READ MORE

Best Way to Fix Bottomed out Breast Implant?

I got breast implants on February 26th, so almost 8 weeks. I had concerns about my left breast (when looking at me) from about 4 weeks post op. ... READ MORE

Bottoming out of Breast Implants the Fault of Surgeon?

I think my right breast implant has bottomed out. I noticed the difference within a month of the original surgery. When I lay on my back the right... READ MORE

Does Wearing a Bra Protect Breast Implants from Bottoming Out?

Do you have to wear a bra after breast augmentation for a certain period of time? Does it help keep your implants from bottoming out? READ MORE

1 year post op Breast Augmentation, Is my Implant Bottoming Out?

I had breast augmentation done almost a year ago, and my left breast has always had the incision above my crease. It seems too low and outward. Is my... READ MORE

Bottoming out or Capsular Contracture After Revision?

105lbs 5"5'. First BA in April of 07' I had elected to go with 350cc saline through the belly button, the results were beautiful for about 8... READ MORE

What Are the Disadvantages of Breast Implants Through the Nipples?

Is there a greater risk of bottoming out with breast implants done by other methods? READ MORE

Will Wearing a Compression Band for One Breast Implant Make Both Move Down?

I am 4 months post-op, under muscle silicone implants. One has settled perfectly with a very natural slope. The other is still riding high and has... READ MORE

How to Fix Bottomed out Saline Submuscular Implants?

Best way to fix bottomed out implants-surgeon is charging me full price ($5,000ish). Surgery was September 2008. Implants bottomed out? Saline... READ MORE

Bottoming out or Other Implant Needs to Drop 2 Weeks After Surgery?

I'm on my 16th day post breast augmentation. I was 34A pre-op. I have 350cc Mentor cohesive silicone breast implants under muscle, with... READ MORE

I Think I Have Bottomed out a Little, Will my Breasts Continue to Drop?

I am almost positive that my breasts have begun to bottom out. Will they continue to drop or could they possibly stay how they are now? I don't... READ MORE

Does Breast Implant Profile Matter in Preventing Bottom Out?

I am 28, 5'8", weighing 136 lbs, with smooth Saline Breast implants (425cc each), under the muscle. I went from a 36A to 36C. I am facing... READ MORE

How Best to Revise Implants That Have Bottomed Out?

I had saline implants placed above the muscle approximately 12 years ago. I now wish to have a revision surgery performed. I would like to eliminate... READ MORE

What to Do with Bad Results from Breast Implants?

I am a year and a half years post-op. I recently went to my surgeon and found out that my implants have bottomed out. My scars are keloided and about... READ MORE

Is My Breast Botttoming Out Again?

I had my breast augmentation in july. I do not remember my CCs but i have saline and placed behind the muscle. Two months or so after the surgery i... READ MORE

Permanent Sutures for Bottomed out Correction?

From my research, most doctors will use permanent sutures to correct bottomed out Breast implants in order to have a "lasting" result. What... READ MORE

Is 600CC - 650CC Too Big for Me and What Are the Risks?

My surgery date us is on may 9. I am 5'6 145 pounds.I am 22 years old. I just had a baby on november 10,2010. No breast feeding. I was wondering... READ MORE

I Feel Saline Implant Valve

I have Mentor Saline HP Smooth Round 380 cc Implants filled to 450. They were placed by INF approach and placed dual plane. I can palpate a ridge,... READ MORE

Can Bottoming out Repair Be Done Six Months After Implant Surgery?

One nipple points up and it isn't as full on the top as it is on the bottom. How often do patients need more than one surgery to repair this? How... READ MORE

Breast Implants Uneven Bottoming Out? (photo)

Hi there I am 2 months post op I have sent thru a before and after pic. As you can see the left in the photo is my concern. I included a one month... READ MORE

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