Anesthesia + Breast Implants

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Breast Implant Surgery - General Anesthesia or Local Anesthesia?

I would like to have just local anesthesia for my breast implant surgery but it seems that most Dr.s only offer general....I am allergic to all... READ MORE

Overnight Hospital Stay After Breast Augmentation

I'm deciding between 2 surgeons for my BA.They are both made me feel very comfortable however one said that he uses TIVO anaesthesia and therefore... READ MORE

Epidural Anesthesia During Breast Implants?

Is this do-able?? I've heard horror stories of patients waking up during general anesthesia, and that scares me. Why don't all doctors do this, &... READ MORE

Will Allergy Affect Processes Before and After Surgery?

I am allergic to red wine, asprin, and ibuprofen. I am scheduled for breast augmentation and a tummy tuck in 6 weeks time . Will my allergies to red... READ MORE

Anesthesia Question?

I am getting breast implants in December. I am 130 lbs, 5ft. 5inches and I am looking at 325cc saline under the muscle. I have been under anesthesia... READ MORE

Does Anesthesia Fee Really Costs $3,000?

I had a breast augmentation about 6mos ago. My breasts are not getting soft and I want to redo it. My doctor said he's not gonna charge me for another... READ MORE

I Want Breast Implants, But I'm Worried About Risks. What Are The Chances?

I would like to have breast implants. I know there are risks involved like any other surgery. My main concern is the Anesthetic. Can a test be carried... READ MORE

Implants Under Local Okay?

Wil I be ok with local if implants 20yrs old,silicone,don't know which type,wd rather go for safest option but equally happy to have local if this is... READ MORE

How safe is it to use a CRNA for Breast Implant surgery?

I am 52 years old and in good health. The surgery is going to done in an out patient surgery center not a hospital. My Dr. is board certified plastic... READ MORE

Waking up to general anesthesia?

Hi,I just Saw this report on general anesthesia that some or very rare patient may gain some awareness when they should be unconscious some even feel... READ MORE

My sister has MS and has been wanting breast implants for years. Are there risks associated with the anesthesia/surgery?

She is not debilitated and leads a very active and healthy lifestyle. But she does take Copaxone. Wouldn't it be unwise for her to do the surgery... READ MORE

What type of anesthesia suits me for breast enlargement? I had some problem in the past with GA, also I have chronic Hep B.

Hi,I want to go for breast augmentation and I don`t know what type of anesthesia should I have as in the past they give me too much anesthetic and I... READ MORE

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