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What Breast Implant Manufacturer Offers the Highest Quality Implants?

I investigated mentor and allergan implants (are there others??) and trying to understand quality. No Consumer reports for breast implants! what are... READ MORE

Would There Be Much Difference in a 425 cc High Profile Silicione Gel Compared to 500 cc?

Would there be much difference in the look from a 425 HP silicone implant vs a 500 silicone HP implant? Also Allergan has a larger projection but... READ MORE

What Types of Breast Implants Are Available in the US?

The last I knew, saline breast implants were my only option since silicone breast implants were banned.  I did hear of some new type of implant... READ MORE

Cohesive Level of Allergan CUI MHP Breast Implants?

I know that Allergan CUI breast implants are the low price brand and CUI MHP are responsive gel. I wonder, are they safe or not? What cohesive level... READ MORE

Are These Breast Implant Brands Safe? ( Sebbin, Cerefrom, Allergan Natrelle, Motiva )

Dear Doctors, are all the implants I have listed safe? My surgeon uses those brands, and I don't think I will have a choise in picking an implant... READ MORE

Do Mentor Implants Feel Thicker to Touch Than Allergan Natrelle?

I have heard that Mentor implants are wider and that they feel a little bit harder when touching them and that Allergan Natrelle are more narrow and... READ MORE

Will 220 CCs in the Fifth Generation Cohesive Implants Being Tested Produce an Adequate Result in an AA? (photo)

I'm currently scheduled to participate in the Allergan 410 clinical trial, receiving 5th generation Cohesive Gel implants next month. I'm 25,... READ MORE

Which Will Give Me a Larger Fuller Breast...Mentor 350-400 or Allergan 360-390

Which will give me a larger fuller breast...Mentor 350-400 or Allergan 360-390? I would like a FULL C or small D or maybe mid D. I am 5 3in. 30in. rib... READ MORE

Tired of Getting the Run Around. I Am Looking for the True Cost of Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Basically I've been trying to do a lot of research. Emailing doctors and all. Its getting really frustrating. 5'3,115, deflated size b. I know... READ MORE

Textured Implant Not Dropped at 6.5 Wks Po. PS Going to Do Revision. Why Did This Happen? (photo)

I am almost 7 weeks po with textured Allergan Naturelle 110 450's unders. My doctor told me to go braless at my 2wk po appt to help them "drop". They... READ MORE

330cc Allergan Moderate Profile for Natural Looking Breasts?

I am currently a 34C. I have 2 kids, breastfed, but have only level 2 ptosis. I want to avoid a Breast lift and to have a small D.I want to be fuller,... READ MORE

What to Do About Rippling with Silicon Implants?

I am a little over 4 weeks post op allergan 492cc round mod plus subpectoral augment. I am 33, 5'3" 110lb, with already wide set breasts, previously a... READ MORE

Will They Ever Feel Normal with Flared Ribs? (photo)

Hello, I had 560 Allergan extra high profile implants on May 3rd 2013 (15 days P/O). Pre Op I was a 34AA. I have very protruding lower ribs (Flared)... READ MORE

Are My Breast Implants Are Too Low? (photo)

I had my implants for 3 months, 375 round Allergan, dual plane, inframammary crease incision. At 10 days I started to notice a double bubble effect on... READ MORE

Does the Allergan Natrelle 410 SILICONE implant feel as "natural" as a regular silicone non shaped implant?

I want to go with this type of implant, but it is difficult to image how it would feel after the procedure, as far as texture and movement, especially... READ MORE

Is it possible to push a Breast Implant down & out so the creases & cleavage are even on both sides? (photos)

10daypostop575cc style15allergansilicone under d muscle crease insis.d right breast is sligtly higher,I also hav sligtly more clevage on that side nd... READ MORE

280cc Allergan Mod. Profile Silicone, Went From A to B? WilI I Get Bigger?

I was a 32A cup pre-op and recently received 280cc Allergan Moderate Profile Silicone implants. I measured today and am only a 32B cup. Will I fluff... READ MORE

What is a Better Breast Implants Allergan InSPIRA or Eurosilicone?

And what is the different between them? My doctor prefer to use Eurosilicone but he gave me the option to use Allergan InSPIRA as well which is a bit... READ MORE

New Breast Implants Sealed in Box but Expired?

Hi. I ordered breast implants from eBay. I got them for really good price . Allergan Natrelle brand. But they got expired this year 2013 July. Is it... READ MORE

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