Air Bubble + Breast Implants

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Are Air Bubbles in Implant Normal?

I have silicone implants (under the muscle) and as I dont have much breast tissue and have gone to 565ccs I am experiencing more rippling and what... READ MORE

Air Bubbles After Breast Implants

Im super worried im 100 lbs and 5'2 i had 360 cc down saline water and one was more filled because it was smaller prior to my surgery . i dont... READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Feel Like Air Bubbles Are in It?

I am massaging my breast like my doctor instructed and now I feel like water gushing bubbles in one, and it moves from one side to the other.. READ MORE

Is Air Inside Silicone Implant Normal?

I had my surgery about 9 years ago silicone implants over the muscle. I routinely do the breast self exam, last week I found what feels like a bubble,... READ MORE

I Have a Bubble on the Top of Each Saline Implant. What Is This?

I have a bubble on the top of each of my saline implants, i can press my finger in each one and fill like a hole can see this by just... READ MORE

My Silicon Breast Implants Are 3 Years Old and in the Last Month Two Air Bubbles Visible when Looking at Them?

And through clothes, I went to my doctors and they wouldn't look, said I needed to go back to my surgeon but I had them done abroad, please help very... READ MORE

I Went Until 3400 M in a Mountain and I Felt Air Bubbles Inside my Breast. Was It Normal?

I had no pain or other symptom, just felt this bubbles inside my breast. When touched they moved all around the implant. I come back and about 1000 m... READ MORE

Bubble Sensation After Jogging?

I am 6 months post op from saline under the muscle implants. About a month ago I had air bubbles after jogging. I mentioned to my ps who said to let... READ MORE

Why Do I Develop an Air Pocket Around the Nipple Area 10 Years After Saline Implant Was Placed Under the Muscle?

The air pocket, when pressed seems to move a bit, and seems to make a popping sensation when pressed. Also, on this same breast, there is nipple... READ MORE

Could I have ruptured my silicone Mentor 2006 implant while skiing slowly (learning) and falling somewhat on right breast?

For 3 days my right breast made sounds that have completely resolved. From fall or altitude? Now NO sounds at all but do have a tiny little soft lump... READ MORE

Is it normal to have air bubbles or small fluid collection in breast 4 weeks post op?

Hi, I had BA done 4 1/2 weeks ago. I have 315cc silicone anatomical unders. All has been well, left breast has always been more swollen but not... READ MORE

I feel an air bubble in my left boob. Is that possible?

I do not have any pics because you can't really see it. But I can feel it. I have saline implants for almost 2 years now.For the past week I have felt... READ MORE

Should I be concerned? Right breast is lower/softer. Feels like an air hole below my right implant (Photo)

I got my BA 13 days ago, massaging my breast as my DR. Instructed I got 421cc Silicone . I fell asleep two days ago one my right side for about 4hours... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do reduce crepitus after BA?

I had a BA yesterday (325cc, silicone, high profile, submuscular)! I haven't looked or felt much at all yet, I remove my ace bandage tomorrow and can... READ MORE

Can there be an air bubble in my saline implant?

I just had a removal of my silicone implants and replaced them with saline implants. As part of the Dow Corning class action suit, I had. I other... READ MORE

Is it normal to be able to feel an anterior saline implant valve?

I've had my saline under the muscle implants (which were placed through the aereola)for about 2 and 1/2 years now ...recently my left breast (filled... READ MORE

Air like bubble after 10 years breast augmentation. Should I be worried?

I had breast augmentation in May 2004. I had a baby 5 months ago. When i was in the bath (so laid flat) could feel like air bubble, and can move it,... READ MORE

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