Above Muscle + Breast Implants

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1 year post op Breast Augmentation, Is my Implant Bottoming Out?

I had breast augmentation done almost a year ago, and my left breast has always had the incision above my crease. It seems too low and outward. Is my... READ MORE

How Best to Revise Implants That Have Bottomed Out?

I had saline implants placed above the muscle approximately 12 years ago. I now wish to have a revision surgery performed. I would like to eliminate... READ MORE

Is Above Muscle Breast Implant Placement the Best Approach?

I am 37 years old and have nursed my 3 children. I used to be a C cup, but now my breast are just "empty" and saggy. My surgeon says I am... READ MORE

Grade 2 Capsular Contracture - Implant Replacement Not Necessary?

I had 400cc silicone gel implants placed above the muscle a little over a year ago and recently noticed a hardening/tender left breast. I went for a... READ MORE

Silicone Sub-glandular

The Dr I consulted says I have mild tuberous breasts and recommends silicone implants placed above the muscle and no lift. For both the sternum to... READ MORE

Switching: Saline to Silicone, High Profile to Moderate Plus. Advice?

I'm considering going from my saline implants (above muscle) to silicone (still above muscle-PS recommendation to stay above muscle because... READ MORE

Above Muscle Implants Are Sagging. Want to Redo and Put Them Under Muscle.

Hi there, im 5'6 140 pounds i have gummy bears implants done 460cc above the muscle in january and i am very disappointed and sad because they... READ MORE

Implant Profile and Position Dilemma

I have above-muscle saline implants(270L/330R) since 1994. I had tuberous breasts. I am 5'9, 155 pds. My breasts are very far apart (5 fingers). I... READ MORE

Is It Common for Breast Implants to Poke out of Skin?

I had implants done about 8 years ago. They are posiioned in front of the muscle. On my left breast the implant has a point that sticks out of my skin... READ MORE

Mild Stinging Pain Above Left Breast Implant- Silicone Over Muscle. Is This Normal 7 Weeks Post Op?

I woke up with a mild sting above my left breast implant on the chest wall. It doesn't hurt to massage my breasts, they're very soft but I... READ MORE

Why Can I Now Feel my Left Saline Implant?

I have had saline implants for almost 3 years. I have recently lost weight and have been able to feel my left implant if i press on my breast. I could... READ MORE

Bilateral Subglandular Augmentation with High Profile Textured Implants (photo)

5'5'', 150lb, 25yr, Nokids. a 36C I have seen two plastic surgeons and decided who I am going to proceed with. My Doctor and I decided to... READ MORE

Why Would my Doctor Recommend Above the Muscle Breast Implant?

5'2 140lbs B cup - plenty of natural breast tissue slight drooping wanting to have fullness at top of breast READ MORE

Above or Below the Muscle for Saline Implants? Differences?

I'm 5'-6", 116 lbs and I want to know what is better, above or below the muscle for saline implants?...and would like to know what the... READ MORE

Silicone Implants Above Muscle to Prevent "Bubble Effect"

I am 29 I weigh 125 am 5'3 and have a slender/athletic body type. I have had two kids both of which were breast fed. While breastfeeding I went to... READ MORE

Massage After Getting Memory Gel Mentor Implants Above Pect Muscle?

Hello, I am 4 weeks post op and had Mentor Memory Gel rough surfaced implants. The implants are above the pect muscle. I've read about massaging, but... READ MORE

Rippling look on inside of cleavage

I had breast implants placed above the muscle three weeks ago. I noticed that on one of my breast that has not yet fallen in to place has a rippling... READ MORE

I have implants placed above the muscle. How can I get the implant to move into my breast socket?

I have implants that are placed above the muscle, how can I get the implant to move in to my breast socket? How long should it take to move in to... READ MORE

Is sub facial the same as above the muscle ?

Hi, are their only two choices of implant positioning ? Thank you for answering. READ MORE

Is it normal to have pains all around my breasts 7 weeks after mastopexy?

I had mastopexy (295cc above the muscle) 7w ago. Sutures wouldn't dissolve, still causing irritation, redness and oozing. I still have pains all... READ MORE

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