9 Years Post-op + Breast Implants

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Felt A Sharp Pain in Right Breast, Could It Be Pulled Muscle Or Something Worse?

I am 29 years old. I had breast augmentation 9 years ago. They are saline and above the muscle. I had tubular breast. I have been playing Roller Derby... READ MORE

Pain After Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle About 9 Years Ago?

I had Breast augmentation under the muscle about 9 years ago. Lately I have tingling on my left arm and pain on the left breast almost like chest pain... READ MORE

Is Air Inside Silicone Implant Normal?

I had my surgery about 9 years ago silicone implants over the muscle. I routinely do the breast self exam, last week I found what feels like a bubble,... READ MORE

9 Years Post-BA, One Breast Has Shrunk. What Is Going On?

I had implants about 9 years ago. I have now noticed one breast has become slightly smaller, is there a leak or something to worry about. I have no... READ MORE

Air Bubble with a 9 Yr Old Implant Common?

I have had my implants for about 9 years now and have notice a little soarness on the outter bottom left side of one of my breasts. It feels like it... READ MORE

Does One Breast Getting Smaller Mean I Have A Leak?

I have had saline implants since 2003. Today I noticed that my left breast seems smaller than my right. Could my implant be leaking or am I freaking... READ MORE

Lumps on Outside of Breast Under Armpit Area?

I had my ba in 2003. They were inserted through my armpit. I’ve had these lumps for a couple of years in that area. I’ve just assumed that it is... READ MORE

Can Saline Implant Valve Shift and Does Rippling Get Worse over Time?

34yo-450cc, round, smooth, saline, under muscle implants from '04. After having a baby, there's severe rippling. I am thin with little breast tissue... READ MORE

Ive Had my Implants for 9 Years and Have Found my Boobs Ache More Than Normal Now, I Cant Lift Heavy Things Like I Used?

I find I have to wear very tight sports bra"s to get my boobs from aching after lifting anything heavy ,,if i go without a bra on this as well makes... READ MORE

After 9 Years After Implants, Now my Left Breast Gets a Stabbing/pinching Pain. Frequency is Increasing?

The frequency is increasing. The pain is the the bottom of my breast, but I can't tell exactly where it comes from. I have hardly any breast tissue --... READ MORE

Are my Implants Causing This Pain?

My implants are 9 yrs old - 480cc saline mod - and i am having pain in my upper back between shoulder blades also underneath my breast and on the... READ MORE

Is my saline implant leaking?

I had saline implant about 9 years ago never had a problem extremely happy with the job. For the last 2 day the top of my left breast is... READ MORE

Pain in right breast nine years after breast augmentation (photo)

I have been getting a lot of pain the last few weeks. Sometimes in both breasts but mostly in the right breast around the nipple and near the armpit.... READ MORE

Implants are 9 years old, recently one has gone soft. Have I anything to worry about?

My implants are 9 years old! I have noticed over the past 24 hours that one has gone soft and slightly dropped. Changing the appearance making one... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing pressure and pain in my left breast 9 years post op?

I have had my saline implants for 9 1/2 years and have never had any issues until last week. It began with what felt like a pulled or strained muscle... READ MORE

I have a burning sensation in both breasts 9 years after getting breast implants in Thailand. Have they ruptured?

Hi, I went to Thailand 9 years ago and got silicon breast implants. I haven't had any issues since until just recently I have a burning sensation in... READ MORE

Are my 2005 Mentor saline implants causing High levels of Toxins in my body: Xylene, Toluene, Styrene, Phthalic acid & Paraben?

I've been very sick for seven years. Diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease - I suffer with chronic pain & fatigue. No medications work. I have been... READ MORE

Breast implant reduction after 9 years?

I had a breast enlargement when nearly 9 years ago, I was 21. Implanted under the muscle, I went from an 30A to a 30DD, despite the surgeon telling me... READ MORE

If I have mold or fungus around or in my breast implant do I need to have an en bloc removal? Do I need to have any tests done?

Got my implants in 2005 at 27yrs. old: Mentor 350cc Saline High Profile. Been having odd health problems (severe fatigue, hypothyroid symptoms but... READ MORE

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