8 Months Post-op + Breast Implants

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Lateral Displacement and Flex Distortion of Implants? (photo)

Hello! I had a BA 8 months ago with 300 ccs silicone implants under the muscle. Do I have lateral displacement? At first I loved it, now I have NO... READ MORE

Is This Capsular Contracture or Did my Implants Never Drop? (photo)

I am 8 months post op, what is wrong with my left breast? Nipples are still low on both and the left is an oval shape. When I flew the muscle pulls... READ MORE

Shooting Pain That Radiates to Underarm and Nipple After Under Muscle Implants?

I have shooting pain on left breast which radiates to underarm and sometimes nipple. it gets worst if i lay on my stomach or if i lift breast towards... READ MORE

Pain in Left Breast 8 Months Post Breast Aug?

I had breast augmenation in April last year and things were fine until recently when I started getting weird pain and burning sansation in my left... READ MORE

Right Breast Implant So Stiff and Hard?

I got my implants back in July it been about 8 months now. Both my breast has pretty much completely went down as I can say. The problem I'm having it... READ MORE

Could I Possibly Have a Leak or Rupture in my Gel Implants on Left Side? (Pain, Dropped Breast, Burning)

I have been experiencing pain like under my skin and have gel implants on my left side. It seems to be bulging downwards. My implants were inserted... READ MORE

Wrong Implant Placement? Right Nipple Turning Outward and Implant Moving Toward Middle of Chest? (photo)

I had my augmentation Aug 2012. 350cc in left 375 in right. About 3 months post-op I began noticing my right implant "bulging" toward the middle of my... READ MORE

Pea-sized lump inside the breast near the surface under areola incision, 8 months post-op. Is this normal? Should I be worried?

I just noticed a pea-sized lump inside the breast near the surface under the areola incision. This lump is close to the surface approx <1... READ MORE

8 months post op, left breast is higher, nipples points upward, and scar is not in the crease. What is wrong? (photo)

Im now 8 months post op and I dont know what is going on with my breasts. I love the look of them in clothes but think they look bad due to uneveness... READ MORE

Breast Abcess? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 8 months back above the muscles. A month back i had an abscess which started to discharge from the incision sight ( below... READ MORE

What Does Throbbing/ Stabbing Pain with Mild Redness and Tingling 8 Month After Having Silicone Breast Implants Mean?

I had silicone implants on too of the muscle done about 8 months ago. For the past two to three months I have been experiencing sharp stabbing pain... READ MORE

Is covering up my inframammary incision scar safe with a tattoo? Also I feel a little rippling below my right breast.

I'm currently at my 8 month mark from a breast augmentation. I've decided to get silicone with the inframammary incision process. I don't mind the... READ MORE

400CC, Silicone, Moderate Profile, 8 Months Post-Op: Am I Bottoming Out? (photo)

Please see below before and after photos I got 400cc silicone moderates 8 months ago and they seem uneven The nipples are pointing in different... READ MORE

Uneven Breast After Lift and Augmentation Causing Difficulties Wearing Bra, What Should I Do?

I had a breast lift with augmentation 8 months ago but my breast looks more uneven. The left side has a 200cc saline implant and on the right a 180 cc... READ MORE

Burning / pinching pain in nipple. Any idea what it could be? (Photo)

8 months post op , 360 cc under the muscle, high profile. DD cup size now. In the last few days I've developed a burning/ pinching pain in my right... READ MORE

Could my Issues Be Related to Placement Around Muscle? (photo)

Would MRI and Ultrasound Be the Safest Way to Find out What's Going On? I'm having numbness & tingling along with a dull achy feeling from my... READ MORE

Left and Right breasts look different. What is this? (Photo)

Hi I'm 36year old female. 8 months post op. 350cc unders, mentor hp. Incision in my armpit. my right and left breast looks different and I'm wondering... READ MORE

Eight months after remedial surgery, right implant STILL not settled: cause for alarm? Is the left implant VERY low? (photo)

I am 5' 3" and weigh 105 pounds. 'Gummy bear' implants placed in June via infra-mammary incisions. The left implant is 350cc, the right 325cc. Due to... READ MORE

Cold/Flu 8 Months Post-Op BA, should I be concerned?

Hi! I got breast implants 8 months ago and LOVE them! I got a sore throat, congestion, head cold type thing a few days ago. No fever but one of my... READ MORE

Are my breast implants too wide for my frame? Are they to far apart? I'm 8 months post op. (photos)

I'm 500cc mod plus profile silicone mentor, 8 months post op. My breast continue to sag and are drifting more towards my armpits. I have no cleavage... READ MORE

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