600-649cc + Breast Implants

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600cc Breast Implants to Achieve D Cup Too Large?

I am going in for my breast implants in a week, and I'm having second thoughts about the size. I am 25 years old, I have one child, and I don't have... READ MORE

Want Big Round Fake Stripper Look - 19 Years Old

19 years old, 110 pounds..boob job- I want to do about 550-650cc high profile saline. I love the big round fake stripper look. Im a 32b now..I know... READ MORE

600-800cc Breast Implants Now, and Lift One Year from Now?

I have stage 3 ptosis (@ 3.5) I am 5'6", 137 pounds, 21% body fat. I have 5 children. I am an avid weight lifter, runner (30miles a week) and am a... READ MORE

Doctor Suggested 600cc-700cc - is This Right for a Round DD?

I am a mother of 3 little girls ages 8,7,and 5 years old. I am definetly wanting to get a Breast Aug. I went in for my consult and her are the... READ MORE

Will 600cc High Profile Cause Problems?

I am 5'9" weigh 135ibs, i had a breast augmentation 1 year ago and am not pleased with how they turned out. i wanted them to be round and... READ MORE

Hourglass Figure, Implants Appearance After Weight Loss

I am 5'4", athletic, with an hourglass figure, a healthy BMI of 23 and about 19% body fat. I have 600cc high profile implants, which are placed under... READ MORE

Is 600CC - 650CC Too Big for Me and What Are the Risks?

My surgery date us is on may 9. I am 5'6 145 pounds.I am 22 years old. I just had a baby on november 10,2010. No breast feeding. I was wondering... READ MORE

600cc-650cc Implants - Too Big?

I am 5'10" 160 lbs. I have nursed three children. I have am worried that 600-650 cc implants are too big however my surgeon showed me that... READ MORE

Are 600cc Smooth, Round, Under Muscle Breast Implants Too Much?

I am 28 years old, 6 foot ,36 A, avg weight 160. Can get up to 170. I breast feed two kids and hopefully am done. I have curves in my hips and butt. I... READ MORE

What Breast Implant Size Would You Suggest for Me?

I am 5'6" tall about 144lbs, and trying to lose ten pounds before surgery. I wear a 36A. I thought 600cc was okay, but I just don't want to end... READ MORE

Will a 600cc implant bring me to a DDD in a bra? (Photo)

I would like to be a double to triple D in bras and currently I wear a 34 A. I am not sure if that is the bra I should be wearing because I never... READ MORE

Small Framed but Determined to Achieve Big Results. Would Going over the Muscle, Rather Than Under, Allow for a Larger Implant?

Looking at third implant revision - one of the first set ruptured, this is the revision for size. I am 5'5", 116lbs, and had a open heart surgery as a... READ MORE

600cc Implant On My Frame?

Hi DR'sI have a question. Today I went for my preop appt. and decided on 600cc saline mp. I am 5'2 approx 117 to120lbs. My chest measurement is approx... READ MORE

Is 615cc a Big Implant?

Im 5ft 6 dress size 8-10 wear a 34 c cup what size will a 615cc take me to as i want them big READ MORE

Less Than 1 Week Post-op: Will I Need a Lift and Larger Implants? (Photo)

I had a baby little over a year ago. I am a young mom. I wanted perky large breast, with my nipples up higher. A few days ago I got 600 cc silicone... READ MORE

Breast Asymmetry Because Implants Were Not What I Asked for

I have breast asymmetry as well and I had a recent breast augmentation on 5/13/10, My Ps had suggested 650L and 600R due to my right breast being... READ MORE

Got Breast Implants Today But Ended Up With a Broken Rib Also?

I was a 36c and agreed with doctor that 600cc was enough for me. After the surgery I couldn't breath ended up in the hospital and they told me I had a... READ MORE

5 foot 3 36B 150 pounds can i go with 500cc or 600cc?

I want the look of the women in the photo i believe she has 500cc high profile implants is that correct? would i be able to do that? thank you for... READ MORE

600 Mp Saline Overfilled to 650 3-28-12 when They "Drop" Will I Gain or Lose Fullness? (photo)

I'm 5'8 250lbs ..I want big perky Boobs. Very. Happy with them so far! I'm scared of all this talk abt larger implants. But I'm not s... READ MORE

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