6 Months Post-op + Breast Implants

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How Can You Tell if Your Breast Implants Bottom Out?

Dear Doctors, I've had a slight concern about my nipple and whether it sits slightly high on my breast mound. It has been 6 months post op. I'd like... READ MORE

What Does Capsular Contracture Pain Feel Like?

I have pain in my left breast that feels like needles are poking around in there. I have silicone implants. Is this a normal feeling? Is this capsular... READ MORE

Will my Breast Implant Get Bigger After Six Month of Sugery

I have my implant 335cc cohestive gel a month ago. I find it's smaller than when I try on at the pre-op. I was told by my surgeon that the implant... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if my Silicone Implant Has Ruptured?

I got silicone implants six months ago. 5 days ago my friend threw me over his shoulder, as a fireman would, and I remember my left breast smashing so... READ MORE

Why Do I Have a Lump in my Breast Implant?

I have had my brest's enlarged for 6 months, and have noticed a lump over the last 4 weeks in one of them, i have been to my GP and she has reashured... READ MORE

Can an Implant Still "Drop" After 6 Months? (photo)

I am 6 months post-op, and my breasts are quite asymmetrical. I got 250cc sub-muscular on breasts that were already asymmetrical so I am not expecting... READ MORE

Can a Torn Pocket Under my Breast Implant Be Repaired... My Surgeon Says No.. Really?

I had a breast augmentation 6 months ago.(440 cc silicone under the muscle) My breasts looked amazing. Last month I fell and injured my left breast.... READ MORE

My Implants Hurt Sometimes With Sharp Pinching?

I got my Brest augmentation 6 months ago and I love them and everything but sometimes maybe 3 times a week I will get a sharp small pinch in either my... READ MORE

Could my Breast Implants Be Broken or Moved During Sex?

Hello, While having sex with my husband he leaned on my breast by his shoulder and it caused unpleasent feeling for me, he changed the position... READ MORE

Arm Workouts After Breast Augmentation? 26 Weeks Post Op

I have 325cc left and 375cc silicone unders, thru breast crease. First I wanted to ask if everything looks normal and second I hear that you are not... READ MORE

Do I Need a Pocket Revision? (photo)

I'm at 6 months post op now and my implants have hardly dropped. They are still very high (as you can see in the picture), extremely firm, and my... READ MORE

Is Pain Due to Rip in Pocket of Breast Implant Under the Muscle?

I had silicone implants put in under the muscle six months ago. I fear i may have damaged the pocket on the left by overexerting myself one month... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Get my Cleavage More Even or Will It Always Be Uneven As Shown? (photo)

BA in May of 2012. Prior my surgery I had slightly more tissue on my left side & PS said left chest wall slightly protrudes. AA cup prior. Used... READ MORE

Will Exercising Chest Permanently Disfigure my Implants?

I got 700cc silicone unders almost 6 months ago and am definitely ready to get back to exercising. When I flex my muscles, the implants do distort,... READ MORE

Right Breast Still High 5.5 Months Post Op? (photo)

I am 5 1/2 mo. post op with smooth silicone gel (unders) 475cc implants. My right implant has not dropped as much as the left. My right breast has... READ MORE

Left breast is firmer and higher than right breast. Is this the beginning of capsular contracture? (Photo)

I'm 6 months post op breast augmentation. I had 475 cc silicone high profile under the muscle. I noticed about 2 weeks ago my left breast was more... READ MORE

How Do You Correct Uneven, Rippling Implants?

Breast augmentation done on Feb 4, 2011. I have 530 left and 540 right moderate profile saline. About 2 1/2 months my right boob starting looking... READ MORE

I Think I Have Symmastia? (photo)

Got them 6 months ago the only part that was swollen was the middle 6 month on and between my breasts its still lifted. Its not that they are close... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned about Pain 6 Months Post-Op After Breast Implants?

Hi, I had my boobs done over 6 mnths ago and it went well, I was an A cup now a large DD. I am now finding that when I wake up my chest hurts if I... READ MORE

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