20 Years Post-op + Breast Implants

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One of my Saline Implants Has Ruptured. Can I Get my Doctor to Drain the Other One?

Hi, I am a breast cancer survivor. I had chemo and radiation on my right breast. Afterwards the muscle on the right breast tightened up around my... READ MORE

Mammogram on 25 year old gel implants

My implants (made by Dow Corning) are over 25 (got them the beginning of 1986) years old and are silicone. I am scheduled for a mammogram in 2 weeks... READ MORE

Rippling and Slight Denting in Breast Implants?

Hi there I had my implants put in nearly 20 years ago (im now 39). I am more than happy with them, they are silicone. However recently i have noticed... READ MORE

Replacement of Saline Breast Implants?

I have had saline breast implants for 20 years. Recently the left one started to deflate so I will be replacing both. The impants are above the muscle... READ MORE

Breast Implant Pain?

Breast implants, saline, under muscle. Surgery done 20 years ago. Never any problems. my breasts are normal, soft, size the same! visually no problems... READ MORE

How Do You Know If Silicone Implant Is Leaking?

I have had it for 23 years and now suffer from lyphoma and other cancers and wonder if it has anything to do with the silicone implant. READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Pain In 20 Year-Old Implants During Menopause?

I Had Breast Inplants in 1988 and Now Am Going Thru Mempause and my Breast Are Sore. Is this normal? READ MORE

Could a Mammogram Tech Have Ruptured my Implant? I Never Had ANY Problems with my Implants Before.

I have 20 year old Meme (Dow Corning I believe) implants. They have the polyurethane fuzzy coating. my left implant seems to be starting to rise &... READ MORE

Can You Help Me?

I have found away of extracting the silicone that has been in my body for 20 yrs now, i have been so ill and scared but no doctor or surgeon will help... READ MORE

Why Are my Saline Implants So Incredibly Uncomfortable, and Painful? Its Been Almost 20 Years Ago.

Over the last 6 months my breast implants (under ther muscle) have become increasingly uncomfortable and painful. They feel like they weigh 20lbs... READ MORE

I have 20 + year old implants, having issues! What should I do?

I had a bilateral mastectomy at the age of 24 with reconstruction, with saline implants 550ccs. I am now having rippling, the implants are falling... READ MORE

Moderate to severe pain with nausea from silicone breast implant rupture. Could the silicone be migrating?

I have discovered through ultrasound and mammogram that my Left breast 21 year old under muscle silcone breast implant has ruptured. I have been... READ MORE

Can encapulated implant lead to a serious condition if left too long?

My implants are approx 20yrs old. Saline. One is encapsulated. It has been for over a year. But recently had significant changes. Painful under my arm... READ MORE

What are the health risks when silicone implants leak?

A mammogram for thumb size lump in left breast shows encapsulated silicone leakage from 20-year implants. How long can I wait to address this? What... READ MORE

20 Years Old Breast Implants Painful?

I had implants 20 years ago, all was ok till now.......seems as they left a tube inside me when they filled them from my belly button, now it hurts... READ MORE

Recent Infection in One Breast, but Both Are Very Sore and Unable to Get Comfortable at Night, Should I Be Worried?

After being treated for an infection and painful breast, I had an ultrasound that showed some fluid but no obvious rupture or cancer. But during my... READ MORE

My left breast is having multiple complications. Can this be fixed or should I have my implants explanted? (photos)

20 years ago I had implants under muscle- saline. 2006 I developed scar tissue in left breast. Had surgery to remove scar tissue - new bags. Last year... READ MORE

I've Been Reading About En Bloc and Would Like to Have a Dr. Explain It to Me? Sould I Ask for It?

I've had my implants for 22 years, I have cfs and am wondering if the implants have something to do with it. It is part of the reason I'm having them... READ MORE

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