2 Weeks Post-op + Breast Implants

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Will Sleeping Upright Help my Breasts Drop?

I have read alot about sleeping upright, but am not convinced of its merits. I am 2 weeks post-op with 325cc silicone anatomical dual-planes. Its hard... READ MORE

Could I Be Allergic to my Breast Implants?

I got silicone breast implants about 10 days ago and I had a local allergic reaction to the adhesive tegaderm that was over my incision. I now... READ MORE

Pain After Breast Implants

It has been about a week and a half since my surgery. Most of my pain in my breasts has subsided but about two days ago a pain below my right breast... READ MORE

Breasts Too Far Apart After Implants - Will They Get Closer with Time?

My breast augmentation was 2 weeks ago and my breasts seem to be in my armpits. Will they settle closer over time? I was a 30A. I got 250 saline... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Breast Aug. Does This Look Normal? (photo)

Do my breast look normal its been 2 weeks since my breast augmentation? Do my Breast Look Normal for a 2 Week Post Op , I Got 550cc Unders HP... READ MORE

Bottoming out or Other Implant Needs to Drop 2 Weeks After Surgery?

I'm on my 16th day post breast augmentation. I was 34A pre-op. I have 350cc Mentor cohesive silicone breast implants under muscle, with... READ MORE

I Feel One of my Implants Moving Whenever I Walk or Lift my Arm? (photo)

It has only been two weeks since my BA, and two days ago I started feeling something (I'm guessing my implant) move inside my right breast, towards... READ MORE

Is Sharp Pain Normal 11days After Getting Breast Implants Under the Muscle?

I had breast implants inserted under the muscle 11days ago and now I'm having sharp pains In my right breast under the incision, it hurts to move... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Have an Infection or Hematoma After Breast Implant Surgery?

I had silicone breast implants placed 15 days ago. The left is soft and painless. The right is painful and harder to the touch. I had bilateral... READ MORE

How to Make my Breast Feel More Soft and Natural After BA? (photo)

Hey, I am almost 2 weeks post op from BA. I was a small B cup pre op and now I think ill be about a c-d. I had 335cc tear drop under the muscle. I am... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Incision Seems to Be Splitting Around Nipple, What's the Cause?

I had surgery a little over 2 weeks ago and the steri strips around the nipple just came off - I noticed on my right breast, which had a lot of... READ MORE

Will my Gummy Bear Implants Fall into Place?

I have recently undergone a mastopexy replacing saline implants (above the muscle) with cohesive implants (below the muscle). I had a small amount of... READ MORE

Do my implants look normal for 16 days post op? (photo)

425cc HP silicone unders. Pre op 34A. 5"5, 115 lbs. Results not as I expected - Look really high and wierd shaped. PS said to allow more time for... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Scoliosis? (photo)

I just recently had my breasts done. I was a 32 A, got 350 cc, under the muscle, and the incision was from under the breasts ( don't know what that's... READ MORE

Burning and Aching in Armpit 2 Weeks After Breast Augmentation?

I had 320cc implants placed through the crease under the muscle about 2 weeks ago. Immediately after the surgery, I had pretty bad numbness and... READ MORE

Can Rippling Go Away?

I had my implants fix from a capillary contraction. During this time they put the implant under the muscle and also did a lift. I'm 5'7 and 135 pounds... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op and Implants Moving?

Im 2 weeks post op and now i feel my 400cc silicone implant in my right breast slide forward when i bend down and then back when I sit back up. I had... READ MORE

Will my Implant Rupture from Pressure of Laying on and Reaching Down off Side of Bed?

I am about 2 weeks post-op under the muscle saline 350 cc. I was laying on my chest and put even more force on one breast leaned over on an angle as I... READ MORE

Allergic to Breast Implants?

I got silicone implants 10 days ago and yesterday noticed that a rash formed underneath and to the sides of my breasts after wearing a bra that felt a... READ MORE

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