150-199cc + Breast Implants

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Size Help! Debating Between 175cc and 200cc

Hi there! I am getting a breast augmentation done on Friday and am agonizing over my size. I am 5'2, curvy and am about 105 lbs. My chest diameter... READ MORE

Will Double-bubble Get Worse over Time; Could the Implant Fall Down Lower?

One saline implant has formed a double-bubble and hangs a little lower than the other breast,first noticed 3 weeks after implantation.It looks... READ MORE

175 Cc High Profile Look?

I got 175 g/cc submuscular implants and later realized my surgeon used what looks to be the high profiles at that size implant (Natrelle diameter 9.1... READ MORE

Is 175cc Too Small to Get a Full C?

Hello, Here are my measurements: 5ft3 113lbs 32.7- 24- 36.6 bdwidth: 28 Breast diameter: 13 cm (both) Projection: 4cm (both) I'm currently a small B/... READ MORE

Should I go with 175 or 200cc max , gel silicone implant and sublgandular placement for better shape and full pole only?

I am 29 years old, 5.2 f , 105 pound , a petite girl and I had BA and after 6 month I removed because I was unhappy with the result ( 460cc gel... READ MORE

Are 100cc implants worth it for a small woman?

She is 5'0", 93lbs, slender athletic plays a lot of tennis. She is having 100cc implants. She is an A cup, her breast are small but a proportional for... READ MORE

Silicone or saline implants? I'm worried that if I get saline, they can someday deflate in public.

I'm getting a breast lift w implants. My PS recommended saline implants instead of silicone implants. I'm worried that if I get saline that my boob(s)... READ MORE

How much bigger is my 234 cc under muscle silicone breast implant than 176cc?

My left 234cc implant seems fuller and sits really high on chest while the right is lower... READ MORE

Is it possible to get implants for fuller and perkier breast without increasing more than one to two cup sizes? (photos)

I am 5'10 and 150 lbs. Currently I am 38C. I am looking for just a little fuller and perkier breasts but I don't want to grow more than one to two... READ MORE

8 weeks post op, are my implants ok? (photos)

Hi Im 42 5'2 deflated b cup I got a lift and 180 cc anatomical mentor implants 8 weeks ago to me the don't look right especially at the bottom and I... READ MORE

What size implant could be placed to even out the size difference? (photo)

I have silicone, sub pectoral placement. 175cc in the larger breast and 235cc in the smaller. I would like to decrease the 175cc implant to try to... READ MORE

I am 4 weeks post op. I am experiencing sharp pain and movement in my right breast.

I am concerned, because my right breast feels like the implant will fall out and I have sharp pain when I roll onto my side or bend over.... READ MORE

3 days after silicone implant and one breast is two times bigger than the other. Should I go to another doctor? (Photo)

I had a silicone implant (165cc for both breasts) 3 days ago and my left breast quite bigger. My doctor said there is no bleeding and that I should... READ MORE

Do they still make the allergan smooth round moderate profile style 10 and are they available in Canada?

Do they still make the allergan smooth round moderate profile style 10 and are they available in Canada? If so what are the dimensions? My doctor said... READ MORE

Is the asymmetry in my breasts normal? 4 days post-op (Photo)

I'm 4 days post op and I'm wondering if the asymmetry in my breasts is normal? I got 160cc low profile in left and 195 mod in my right because my... READ MORE

What went wrong and what is the case here in my left arm? Why do they move so far apart when I pull? (Photo)

Lumpectomy and 175 cc silicone textured under the muscle 2 years ago. My left breast is still deformed. What went wrong and looks like that? The tumor... READ MORE

Why is symmetry after breast augmentation not possible? (Photo)

I recently underwent breast augmentation to fix asymmetry. I made it very clear to my doctor that that was my main goal for getting silicone implants,... READ MORE

I want to operate my tubular breasts and I wonder what implants and procedure I should get? (above/under muscle, round) (photo)

I have seen one surgeon and he wants to put round silicone implants 200/250 above my breasts muscle, with the incision under the breast because he... READ MORE

should I try moderate profile instead of what I have chosen so far... 415 cc high profile round textured silicone? (photos)

Hi! I just had my second BA consultation! I am so excited, but now OF COURSE started second guessing the profile! What I have chosen out right now is... READ MORE

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