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Dissatisfaction with breast augmentation can lead to a revision. Often involves changing the implant size, addressing post-op sag, or fixing asymmetrical breasts.
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Hi ladie I am 1 month po of my second BA. I went from 500ccs of saline to 700ccs of silicone. I know it might sound huge but they dont look too huge n fake I love this size there perfect for me. Also want to tell you ladies I had moderate profile before n I found out about high profile my... READ MORE

Well worth going thru the 2nd procedure. Perhaps if I had allowed my PS to do what he wanted in the first place - there would have been no need for 2nd procedure. My PS wanted to lift my breasts higher in the first procedure - I was DD and wanted to a firm D- I also has 210cc silicon implants... READ MORE

I had my first breast augmentation in 2000. I absolutely loved the result and was disappointed when my left implant deflated 14 years later. Yes, 14 years is long time without a worry. Still, I hadn't planned on having surgery. Unlike my first augmentation, I was terrified about going under the... READ MORE

I need help !!!! I am lost !!! I saw my surgeon today. I have currently implants of 235 cc. During a consultation in October, he says me to correct the asymmetry lowering the right path and reducing the areola and change my current implants (235cc) for round or anatomic implants a volume... READ MORE

My nipples point the ground. They are SO heavy. I didn't wear a bra 99% of the time. So I'm considering going for a consult to see what my options are. They are still pretty breast but because of the weight of them, its now mmaking my chest skin wrinkle.I am hoping to just get these taken out... READ MORE

I was very unhappy with my original breast implant surgery (2006). I had 300cc saline implants placed under the muscle. I had significant, visible rippling and the implants were falling out of the pocket leaving a large gap between my breasts. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my... READ MORE

Debating a revision from 325cc to 450-500cc smooth round saline moderate plus profile . . . not sure if my frame (5'2'' / 125 lbs) can handle the volume increase or if it will make me disproportionate. Recently lost natural breast tissue due to weight loss and want to restore my chest to a... READ MORE

Revision due to the symmetry not being great first time and I had developed capsule contraction. First BA I had 240cc overs (in 2007) and now 310cc overs to try and fix the symmetry prob. I am worried i dont have enough breast tissue for overs - I can feel them ripple a bit but then they are... READ MORE

I had saline implants done in 2005. 620 CC implants were put in. At that time I was 150lbs and I'm 5ft8in but over the years I gained weight and got up to 230. So I sent from a 34DD to a 36G. I lost appx 50lbs but my breasts really didn't get much smaller and the shape was awful aside from my... READ MORE

Well, let me start with saying I just got revisionary surgery on February 6, 2014. My previous surgery was done exactly a year ago (click here to read my review). After being small my entire life, I finally decided to lose the weight I had gained over the years and feel better about myself I... READ MORE

I just had revision surgery 4 days ago. My original implants were eight years old. This who debacle started a year ago. My dog yanked on her chain and pulled me down steps. This forced a tear in my implant pocket and cause a capsular contracture. I let it go as it wasn't horrible and I... READ MORE

I have had three lifts already and my breasts have fallen again. :( I am looking for the best doctor for very small scars. ALso a doctor who is very experienced in breast revision and pocket revision. I live in Southern California and don't mind traveling for the best Dr for the job. Thank you... READ MORE

There is no shortage of excellent, qualified, AAA-rated doctors in Manhattan. But without reserve I would say Dr Cangello is the best! He is amazing. He is the type of doctor you can confidently say to "do whatever you think is best" and then not worry about another detail. He is professional,... READ MORE

After having saline implants for 18 years the one on my left side moved out of pocket .and you could see the bag underneath .I had ripples and pain ,as it was rubbing against my muscle .I chose Dr Nunnery ; in Panama City Florida because I have seen many augmentations by him ,and he did my... READ MORE

I had surgery yesterday to reduce the volume of my implants by 1/3. Since I saw them after surgery, I can't stop crying. I like my new size clothed, but naked they are ugly. The skin is loose all around the smaller implant and I can feel them moving all around inside the pocket. When I bend... READ MORE

I've had saline implants for the past 20 years and getting new silicone ones, about 1 cup size bigger (C). I also will have capsular scar tissue removed. I have been told that recovery is much shorter and less painful. Is this true? 1. How long is recovery? 2. Will the implants sit as high... READ MORE

Well I only got home from the PS's a couple hours ago so I haven't seen them yet. I will be able to look tomorrow when i take the bandages off. But i can already tell a difference. The procedure took 2 hours. He exchanged them and made the areola a lot smaller. Look at my profile to see my whole... READ MORE

I'm really looking forward to my breast implant revision surgery this Thursday by Dr. Mark Kanter in Hampton, Virginia. I will post the before pictures now, and include a more detailed review after my surgery with post-op pictures. : ) My implants are 10 years old, have dropped - stretching out... READ MORE

My experience was wonderful . I have my Breast and Nose done. The financing was very easy , Monica works with me and my payments . Dr Michael is a very professional Surgeon, he's alway there to answer any question I have before and after my surgery. I would recommend this doctor to anyone.... READ MORE

Not happy at all with my results. I think I should have scheduled my surgery to be the first that day because it took nearly 7 hours when previously told it would take 3 hours. He did a terrible, horrible job with my lipo. I have lumps, indentation and unevenness, I'm too embarrassed to post... READ MORE

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