Under Muscle To Over Muscle + Breast Implant Revision

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Do I have symmastia/synmastia? (photos)

3rd BA, was 600cc HP saline under the muscle, to 750cc silicone HP above the muscle. left Implant moves and at times is more towards the center. I... READ MORE

I'm 5'8, 160lbs with 800cc implants under-the-muscle. Will a revision with implants over-the-muscle, make them appear bigger?

1st I got at 220lbs 450ccs over the muscle, 2nd set 600ccs UNDER the muscle at 160lbs (I began teaching fitness and lost it) and I recently got 800ccs... READ MORE

Should I change placement from under muscle to over muscle? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation approximately one and a half years ago and am now looking to get it revised by a new surgeon. He wants to use the old... READ MORE

Can I have revision surgery for CC to move an implant from under the muscle to over? Should I just opt for removal and a lift?

Revision surgery 6mos after original surgery with same implant. Understand that using a new implant MAY reduce risk of CC but doesn't guarantee. One... READ MORE

6 feet tall, going for a revision, unders to overs, what is the most ccs you would recommend? (Photo)

I am 6'0 165 pounds. I currently have 500ccs under the muscle full profile gel implants. I am going for a revision due to muscle causing distortion of... READ MORE

Would Switching to Overs Correct Recurrent Bottoming-out?

I've had 2 BA's so far and both times have bottomed out with conservatively sized (250cc) implants under the muscle. I also had internal sutures the... READ MORE

What are the chances and risks of implants bottoming out a 2nd time?

I have 400 cc under muscle for 18 months they have bottomed out it looks horrible I have no volume on the top anymore =( my surgeon has agreed to fix... READ MORE

Confusion over Looming Breast Implant Surgical Techniques?

Due to have surgery next week to remove current implants situated under the chest muscle & replace with ones over muscle. Reasons, ill placement,... READ MORE

Will donut lift give me a round look? Shift my implants to over? if I switch to big implant will it give me breast fold? photo

26 years old,i had 330 cc Mentor Silicone CPG anatomical under muscle inframamlar about over a year ago,i was a little constricted in lower pole.they... READ MORE

Can I have a breast lift surgery + implants placed under muscle if i already have implants above the muscle?

I already have implants placed above the muscle from a BA from 5 yrs ago, and im planning on a breast lift surgery + implants now.. But dr says if i... READ MORE

Will I be symmetrical? My left still looks bigger than my right. I only did the revision for symmetry. (Photo)

I am 4 wks postop from implant revision. I had 380cc saline unders ruptured and replaced then with 450cc overs. Prior to surgery I told my dr that my... READ MORE

Would you recommend a pocket revision / sutures, or change to overs from unders?

Significant animation with flex (300cc silicone unders) 1yr PO. Anchor lift w/ implants. Very minor pec contracture = implant moving... READ MORE

Chances of getting Capsular Contracture a 2nd time around? (Photo)

I had my first BA surgery 2009. I was told 6 weeks PO that I had capsular contracture in both breasts. I recently had my 2nd BA done 3/5/2015. I went... READ MORE

Changing from under the muscles to over?

I had breast implants 13 months ago and am very unhappy with the natural shape of them. I'd like a more round fake look. Will changing from unders to... READ MORE

Implant Relocation - I currently have implants that are below the muscle.

I currently have implants that are below the muscle. However I don't feel that the below the muscle fits my lifestyle. Now that I have them almost 4... READ MORE

Should I move from under to over to address CC? - Risks of more issues

Due to development of CC on right side I am looking to have revision that would move from under to over muscle. My concern is I am a thin build (5'6"... READ MORE

Follow up to my 1st question: Would it make a difference if I had the implants moved from under the muscle to over the muscle?

Would it mAke a difference if I had the implants moved from under the muscle to over the muscle? Would that possible fill out my natural breast tissue... READ MORE

Is an over the muscle implant replacement possible after an uplift with under the muscle implant? (photo)

After an uplift with under muscle medium profile implant in Jan 2013 I realised I hated them, in July got them redone with a high profile.. I'm still... READ MORE

Use of sutures with breast implant revision?

I had revision about 3mnth ago bc my implants were placed too close together. I went for revision to place the implants over the muscle instead of... READ MORE

Any experience with over the muscle highly cohesive anatomicals? (like Allergan Natrelle 510 or Mentor)

Looking for about ~300 cc Will it help prevent lateral displacement and help them stay in place? Does the texture really help stay in place? Will the... READ MORE

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