Ultra High Profile + Breast Implant Revision

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I Have 290cc Implants and I Will Change There with 400cc Ultra High Implants. DD cup Possible? (photo)

I am a 35 yr old mom of 2kids. I'm 5'3" & 113 lbs. Cup Sice C at this time with 290cc anatomical implants. Is a DD Cup possible with 400cc ultra... READ MORE

I am 5'7" and 140 lbs. I currently have 600cc ultra high profile silicone implants. Any suggestions? (Photo)

I am the one in the topless photo and posted a pic of another girl of who I would like my implants to look like. I am the one in topless photo. Hers... READ MORE

How long till I can get a revision for bigger implants? (photo)

I am 7 weeks post op With 480 UHP under the muscle implants. I feel like my implants aren't as big as I expected them to be.. It isn't anything... READ MORE

430 cc ultra high gel implants plus breast lift have given me too much fullness and projection for my 5'3 - 114 lb frame -

I would like to have an implant exchange to a high profile gel implant and would like to look sexy and not top heavy - perhaps a 325 - 350 cc... READ MORE

I have 375cc UHP over the muscle implants. I'm getting a revision, can I achieve the look in my wish pic photos? (photo)

I currently have 375cc ultra high profile over the muscle and I'm having revision in August to go under the muscle and a larger implant. Not sure on... READ MORE

Looking For Honest Insight. Is This The Best I Can Hope For After Implant Replacement and Lift? (photo)

I am realistic and I understand there will always be issues. I have waited 10 months and I was hoping that my concerns would resolve.I have ultra high... READ MORE

Implant Exchange- 525 cc Saline Smooth Round Moderate to Silicone Ultra High Profile. I'm 5'2, what size would you recommend?

Hi Docs. I experienced a rupture of my right implant 3 weeks ago and will be undergoing an exchange of both implants and a lift next week. I currently... READ MORE

Wanting to Know if Ultra High Implants Will Work on Me? (photo)

Started with a 34/c and a I'm a 34/ DDD now . I have 420 cc saline HP . Had revision on right breast with internal stitches now shape is so different... READ MORE

I have 240cc subglandular silicone bilateral implants. Which type of implant should I replace them with? (Photo)

During the consultation, the doctor suggested to me: Mentor 455 cc or Silimed 430 cc silicone textured, round, ultra high profile, in subglandular... READ MORE

Very Disappointed - 10 Months Post Implant Exchange and Lift Ultra High Profile 455cc. (photo)

Breast are uneven, can’t fit into a bra. Left; very soft, falls lower, no upper cleavage, no fold & incision shows. Right; firm, deformed, very... READ MORE

How many more cc's do I need to get a full 32D? (Photo)

I recently underwent a BA and I am very unhappy with the size. I started off a flat A and got 325&350cc Natrelle style 20's. Under clothes I look... READ MORE

Fuller breast?! I am 5'5 140lbs, my ba was May 2014. I was a very small A, now I am 34DD. (photos)

I am 5'5 140lbs, my ba was May 2014. I was a very small A, now I am 34DD. I am happy with my size but my breast have no fullness without a bra and are... READ MORE

325HP vs 320UHP and rippling? (photo)

I think my ps may of suggested ultra high, because even now with the 275 moderate profile I get noticeable ripples on the sides of both breast and... READ MORE

Will going from 275cc Moderate Implants to 320-350cc Ultra High Profile implants make a noticeable difference?

HI, my weight is 44-47kgs, I am 152cm tall with a rib cage of 25.5". I have 275cc moderate profile. They look like a natural C cup and I wear 8DD-10D... READ MORE

Will 700cc look okay? Will it give my the faker look I desire?

I currently have 375cc ultra high profile over the muscle, I wanted the faker look and to me they look extremely natural. I've been back and forth... READ MORE

Is there a difference in look switching from saline high profile to cohesive gel ULTRA high?

I have 550ccs HP saline right now and exchanging them for 650 UHP Cohesive gel by Mentor.Will I see any different at all? READ MORE

Should I be nervous about going from 395 saline to 800 cc silicone?

Im 2010, i got 395 moderate profile under the muscle saline. I was NOT happy with the look. They looked flat and wide and not big at all. I'm 5'2 110... READ MORE

Should I have a Breast Implant Revision surgery?

I got 375cc moderate plus mentor gel implants 7 months ago. I'm not happy with my results. I wish I'd chosen a bigger implant and high or ultra high... READ MORE

My silicone implants seems much larger. Could it be swelling?

On Nov 6th 2014 I had my third BI exchange. No previous complications. Went from Natrelle MP 500 cc to UHP euro silicon 500 cc. I have had a lot of... READ MORE

How small can I go cc wise before a gap with ultra high profile?

You may want to read my past posts but currently I have one implant removed do to second infection! I chose to keep the good on which is 650 UHP! I'm... READ MORE

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