Subglandular + Breast Implant Revision

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Switching Breast Implants from Subglandular to Submuscular, Is this Risky? (photo)

I do have 12 year old high profile textured silicone implants and have to change them for new ones. I have slight ribbling and my breasts are tender.... READ MORE

Are over the Muscle Breast Implants Really As Risky As I've Been Reading About? (photo)

I posted not long ago regarding the disappointment with my size following my recent breast aug & the possibility of having 'Double Bubble'... READ MORE

Switching Breast Implants from Submuscular to Subglandular

I got submuscular saline implants 5 years ago. Every time i tense up my breasts move/flex. I do not like it at all, i would also like them to be... READ MORE

Implant Exchange - Am I a Good Candidate for Smooth Silicone Subglandular w/ Lollipop Mastoplexy?

I'm an Athletic Yoga Teacher. I Want to Trade my Saline (Under Muscle) for Silicone (Over Muscle) and Shrink/even Up my Areolas. I got saline... READ MORE

How Do You Recommend Releasing Submuscular Implants? (photo)

Hi, 56yrs old,quite good breast tissue mass,now over 12 mnths post and would like to retain the sub placement.Advice from one doctor has been to... READ MORE

I Feel the Implant in my Right Nipple? (photo)

Hello, please help me, I just hade my third breast augmentation 450cc subglandular aereola scar Eurosilicone brand and the left breast is bigger than... READ MORE

Switch to Silicone but Stay Subglandular?

I'm no longer happy with how my saline implants look. I've had a baby since my BA in 2006, and breastfed so they are no longer looking good.... READ MORE

Edge/ridge/hump/step off at Top of Breast Implants

7 wks ago I had PIP implants replaced with silicone round textured moderates 310g remaining subglandular. (Orig surgeon said when trying to go... READ MORE

Second Breast Implant Revision, and Right Breast is Distorted. What Can I Do? (photo)

I had a revision 3 mos ago from subglandular to submuscular with silicone implants. I also had a mastopexy 10 yrs ago. Despite the use of strattice... READ MORE

Redo Breast Augmentation?

I had my subglandular augmentation done about 9 or 10 years ago. I was mostly happy with the surgeon had very little pain, no noticeable scarring.... READ MORE

Can I Get a Better Result with a Revision?

I am a very thin mother and I have thin skin and visible ribcage. In May I hac BA with Natrelle implants 360MM placed subglandularly. Breast widths 12... READ MORE

Subglandular anatomical to subglandular smooth round? (photo)

I have 290cc anatomical implant over muscle now and I am very happy with the placement and look but I have rippling in my cleavage, don't like the... READ MORE

Is a New Pocket Required for Revision?

I have subglandular tear drop natrelle cohesive gel implants 13mm wide. I am having them revised for 12mm wide implants due to a squared cleavage and... READ MORE

Can I reduce my chances for recurring Capsular Contracture if I switch from Subglandular to Subpectoral Implants?

Last April I had 225ccHP subglandulars silicone implants put in and have now developed capsular contracture on the right side. If I get the... READ MORE

What Have the Results Been for Patients That Replaced Their Subglandluar Implants with Implants in the Subfascia Position?

What have the results been for patients that replaced their subglandluar implants with implants in the subfascia position? Specifically, for implants... READ MORE

Is There an Increased Risk of Rotation?

I am having revision surgery to put in narrower subglandular implants because I have palpable edges laterally and a squared cleavage. I am happy with... READ MORE

I have 240cc subglandular silicone bilateral implants. Which type of implant should I replace them with? (Photo)

During the consultation, the doctor suggested to me: Mentor 455 cc or Silimed 430 cc silicone textured, round, ultra high profile, in subglandular... READ MORE

Going from submuscular to subglandular: will I benefit? I've always wanted a more fake look.

Recently had both implants removed due to problems in the left! I have had two augmentations in 2008 and April 8 14 330cc to start then 600cc! Now I... READ MORE

Will changing from sub muscular to sub glandular correct animation deformity?

My first augmentation was with 425 cc HP silicone. They never dropped and looked terrible with implant displacement up to clavicle. I had a revision... READ MORE

Swapping 375cc Subglandular to larger Submuscular Implants. How many cc are needed for my desired look? (photos)

I'm having revision in August, my surgeon has suggested under the muscle and larger implants for the upper pole fullness I desire. How many cc roughly... READ MORE

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