Silicone To Saline + Breast Implant Revision

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What Cc and Profile Will Get Me to This Goal Photo for Breast Implants? (photo)

I am looking to downsize. I currently have 400cc mod+profile. My preop photos I was about 5-10 pounds lighter. I implanted only last year under the... READ MORE

Switching from 425cc HP silicones to 550-700cc Salines for the pornstar look - can i accommodate larger implants? (Photo)

5'4 104lbs. I was 32A and got 425cc hp silicone 6 mnth ago then had capsulotomy 2 weeks ago. He lowered the pocket and released the muscle. When can i... READ MORE

Replacing Silicone Implants to Saline Implants Help to Reduce/minimize Capsular Contracture?

I’m Asian, small frame, & don’t have much breast tissue. I had breast implants over 2 yrs - silicone gel under the muscle. They look nice but... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done? S/P Symmastia Repair (photo)

I have a complicated history. Had first BA in 1988 silicone overs 280cc. Developed symmastia quickly but PS said nothing he could do. Never even said... READ MORE

Would 650cc overfilled to 700 (or 750) under muscle be enough? 225-250cc doesn't sound enough to make a visible difference.

5.4" 104lbs. 32A pre-op. got 425 HP silicones (34D-BDW 14.5). Im upsizing&switching to salines. My ps said he'll overfill a 650cc shell. a different... READ MORE

What is the Likelihood of Repeated Capsular Contracture with Implant Replacement and Position?

I developed Baker Grade IV capsular contracture within a year of getting silicone implants above my muscle. Years later my ps replaced them with... READ MORE

Downsizing from 400cc Mod+ to 150 Saline. Implanted for 10 Months No Lift Needed?

They're too big for me. don't want silicone for personal reasons. prior, small34b. I really explant but I am not mentally ready for that. I... READ MORE

Bottomed out Even After Internal Sutures.. Am I Just Not a Candidate for a BA? (photo)

First BA (infra incision) in 2007 w/ submuscular silicone (250cc), bottomed out within 3 months on my right side. Explanted, and tried again (2011) w/... READ MORE

Should I Replace Silicone to Saline? (photo)

Having surgery to fix breast next week. Doc wants me to change to 500cc cuz I have no upper pole and cleavage. He said right breast is hung up or is... READ MORE

Should I Exchange my Silicone Implants for Overfilled Saline Implants to Get Rid of Rippling?

I had 375 CC implants in 1997 under the muscle with no rippling. I exchanged them for 421 and 457 CC silicone implants under the muscle in January. I... READ MORE

Am I Bottoming out Why Do I Have Indention and Odd Side Shape when I Raise my Arms? (photo)

I had mastopexy with implants in jan, i wanted a d cup and was barley a c so i had a revision in april, I switched from silicone to saline bec i... READ MORE

Cost to Downsize, Switch to Saline?

I need to find out how much it costs to switch to saline implants, downsize and have a capsullorhaphy. I am almost positive I will need this because I... READ MORE

What size saline should I get if going from silicone 395cc?

Having 2nd surgery in 7 years for capsular contraction on Rt breast. I do not want silicone what amount of saline will give me a fuller look without a... READ MORE

I want to switch from silicone back to saline?

I had saline for appx 15yrs,loved the firmness i had no rippling,i had redo in 2012 w/ 600ccHP Silicone over the muscle&month later had ripping on... READ MORE

Capsule contraction: should I switch from silicone to saline?

I got a breast aug only 6 mons ago with 375cc mentor gels and developed a capsule contracture of my right breast. I am having revision surgery but am... READ MORE

I had saline over the sub glandular over filled too 1000cc. I am 7 weeks post op. I'm afraid I have capsular contraction (Photo)

My left breast is ideal. Exactly what I wanted. My felt breast in high and firm. It has never been soft. I like the "saggy" natural look. My surgeon... READ MORE

Total price of having saline implants re inserted? Had 1986 silicon implant rupture and had both removed in 2010

In 2010 Had 1986 McGann breast implant rupture & had both explanted. Did not have New ones implanted to see if arthritic conditions would improve.... READ MORE

I had a breast expander that caused my rib cage to become concave. Suggestions?

Currently I have an 800 silicone breast implant which is too small, so my plastic surgeon is suggesting I get a saline breast implant that can be... READ MORE

Capsular contracture twice. Is there much success with your experience of women having a third capsulectomy?

I got implants June 2013 (silicone under) and had CC within a couple months. Had a redo June 2014. 3/12 months later have it again in the same breast.... READ MORE

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