Seroma + Breast Implant Revision

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Will I Definitely Encapsulate Because I Had a Seroma?

I am almost 2 weeks post-op from an open capsulectomy/implant exchange (right side only), and I developed excessive fluid in my breast. It's... READ MORE

PS Couldn't Remove All Scar Tissue Resulting from Seroma at Time of Capsulectomy? I Think That's my Issue. (photo)

Saline, smooth, unders. Had a redo in one b/c of seroma (2wks later). PS said at time of capsule removal, he wasn't able to get all scar tissue that... READ MORE

Seroma After Implant Deflated. Should I Get Them Replaced?

My implant deflated slowing and during that time Seroma developed. I thought my implant was moving. My surgeon is going to remove the implant in a... READ MORE

Seroma with PIP Implants?

Ive had my implants since 2008 within 2weeks i had a haematoma and had to have implant removed and replaced now 3 years its very painfull through a... READ MORE

2 Revision Surgeries and Seroma Now Breast Feels Firmer and Larger?

Since implants 2 years ago I've had 2 surgeries for cc in 1 of my breast. Developed seroma or leakage at incision site until the incision closed and... READ MORE

Worried About Breast After Revision for CC?

My Breast slighty firm and bigger after revision surgery for CC. If i lie on my belly it's harder but will soften in minutes and I dont really notice... READ MORE

Can I Help Seroma Absorb Faster After Reconstruction?

In 2008 I had breast augmentation Shortly after I developed cc. I recently had ifection that spread to breast tissue and implant so I had a partial... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon recommended ice and antibiotics to hopefully treat Seromas. Do Seromas resolve with time? (photo)

4 wks ago had breast revision surgery. Capsulotomy both sisdes, seroma removal from left side and 2 tears repaired. Went from 650-425. Surgery went... READ MORE

What is the cost to evacuate a seroma from one breast? Any California PS who do needle aspirations?

Developed a seroma in my left breast after revision surgery. What's the cost of drainage in operating room with drains vs ultrasound guided needle... READ MORE

What is the best approach for treating and preventing a reoccuring seroma?

I developed a seroma 3 weeks after I had a breast revision (this was confirmed via sonogram). I understand that seromas can be reated via needle... READ MORE

Risk of Breast Implantation after Explanation? Healthy 43 yo woman! PS said he would do it but afraid my body will reject them!

Original Aug Apr'07 in MI (Mentor 450 R 475 l). No complications. ReAug (Natrelle 400 b/s) & Lift in May'11 in OK. Developed a seroma b/s (no... READ MORE

Seroma, Hematoma or just plain swelling? (Photo)

Hello, A month ago I had breast revision surgery. Capsulotomy, downsize in implants (650-425), had two tears sewn up and removal of a seroma. Both my... READ MORE

Breast implant not 100% behind the breast? Tissue still hanging off implant after revision. How can they be improved? (Photo)

Had a massive seroma on left side after 12 years of 1000cc implants with no problems at all. I had ultrasound guided breast aspiration twice - no... READ MORE

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