Second Round + Breast Implant Revision

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I Am Three Weeks Post Op Breast Implants and Are Horrible. What Can I Do to Fix Them? (photo)

I am three weeks post op. My first surgery was 8 years ago and I had capsular contractures and had them redone. I have 700 cc saline with high profile... READ MORE

Should I Change Implant to Low Profile to Disguise More of 'Funnel Chest' (Mild Case)? (photo)

I have recently undergone my 3rd breast surgery in 4 years and still hate the way they look. I currently have 375cc (12cm wide, 5cm projection... READ MORE

Indentation, Will It Get Worse or Better? (photo)

Hi I had a second breast augmentation with a benelli lift revision 3 weeks ago, after 4 days the implants were removed through the crease. Although I... READ MORE

Second Breast Implant Revision, and Right Breast is Distorted. What Can I Do? (photo)

I had a revision 3 mos ago from subglandular to submuscular with silicone implants. I also had a mastopexy 10 yrs ago. Despite the use of strattice... READ MORE

Implant Bottom-out. Correction Attempt, But Failed. Contemplating a Fat Graft, Suggestions?

My left implant bottomed-out due to over dissection and/or thin skin & minimal fat tissue. My plastic surgeon attempted to correct this with a... READ MORE

How Can I Decide on What Size Implant to Get, I Need Help?

I first got silicone breast implants @20yrs ago. They were great, I was a full b cup and I was very happy with them. In 2011 I removed them due to a... READ MORE

What is the Most Natural Sized Implants for Me?

I got a BA Revision from 240cc LP to 300cc HP. I felt deflated and dis-proportionate the first time, and now my chest feels heavy and too big. I hate... READ MORE

Should I Have the Surgery, Will the Wider Implants Fill the Gap? (photo)

Im 5ft 8ins 150lbs Quite broad I have Tubular Breasts i had my first BA 2005 with 495cc implants which i had to have removed last year, my 2nd BA i... READ MORE

Risks of Needing to Reduce Pocket Size when Going Down in Implant Size?

I currently have 700cc in each breast, Moderate Plus profile implants. I want to go down to about 450cc in a Moderate profile - which would require... READ MORE

I Want a Second Revision for my Tuberous Breast? (photo)

I had revision 8 months ago. My 400 implants were changed to 300 round submuscular ones. I'm not happy with the shape nor the left breast which seems... READ MORE

Is 600cc -700cc a Good Size For My Frame?

I am 5"7, 165lb iam going for my third ba, i started off 34b, then had 350cc implants, 2 years later i went to 425cc, now 5 years on i am going for my... READ MORE

After my 2nd Revision, Left Breast Morphing Into My Right?

After my 2nd revision my left breast was morphing into my right. I have heard of symmastia but my Dr. never said anything about it, just that I needed... READ MORE

Do I Attempt a Corrective Nipple Surgery? Its Been 9 Months..If So Who Can Fix This? (photo)

9 months ago had I had a 2nd lift and 2nd implant exchange with devastating results. PLEASE advise me. several plastic surgeons said the nipple may... READ MORE

Last Night As I Was Turning over I Felt a Twinge on the Right Side of my Implant. Should I Worry?

Last night as I was turning over I felt a twinge on the right side of my breast implant. This morning it still hurts alittle. They look ok and it's... READ MORE

Can I Move Back to Under Muscle Placement to Reduce Risk of Recurrent Capsular Contracture Risk in 3rd BA?

2002: 1st BA under muscle,saline. PS informs of mild tuberous breasts but didn’t recommended anything to fix Result: muscle flexion deformity 2006:... READ MORE

Rippling After Breast Augmentation, Submuscular Silicone Implants (375cc Mentor)?

3rd time i do a breast augmentation,first: sub glandular 220cc silicone that got really hard so 9 years ago i redo it submuscular 350cc silicones... READ MORE

My First BA Was Done with Armpit Incision Can I Use the Same Spot for 2nd BA?

I am having my PIP implant removed they were done in 2004 via the armpit, 350cc round textured silicone under muscle. I was flat chested before hand... READ MORE

What is the Best Placement, Texture and Profile? (photo)

I am getting ready for my third surgery. I have had silicone implants, over the muscle for 25 years. My last surgery used mentor textured anatomical,... READ MORE

Mastopexy and Augmentation Surgery - Why Didn't my Surgeon Make Me a Small Cup Size As I Requested?

My history:- breast enlargement from A cup to E cup 400cc implants then years later smaller 300cc taking me down to a dd cup. Then again years later;... READ MORE

3rd Augmentation. Is it Worth It?

My left breast was unbelievable uneven. I had a FIRST surgery to correct this, which included implants and reducing the left nipple size. My left... READ MORE

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