Scarring + Breast Implant Revision

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Can Areola Scarring Get Worse After Reincision To Fix Asymmetry?

Thank you for those who responded previously.I have decided to have a PS adjust the areola size on my right. The difference in size is too obvious for... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Augmentation Revision? Concerned about Scarring and Not Symmetric. (photo)

On June 6 I had a BA done periareolar, under muscle, silicone, 350cc. On June 23 I had another surgery to my left breast, due to a hematoma. Noticed... READ MORE

Indentation in Breast Needs 2nd Revision? (photo)

My PS now told me that at 6 wks she will need to make a 2nd inframammary incision to cut the tendon that is running across the breast horizontally... READ MORE

My BA Scars Are Below the Creases?

My BA was performed 2 1/2 months ago and has settled nicely, the implants are well positioned and centered on my nipples. My 200cc saline implants... READ MORE

Can someone please tell me if my incision looks infected, is necrosed and/or needs debriding, or is it continuing to heal? (Phot

I had breast scar revision 3 wks ago & one of my incisions isn't healing as well as the others or at least not as fast. I've gone to the clinic 2x to... READ MORE

I'm 6days Post Op 2nd Breast Augmentation, from 550 Saline Implants to 800 Cc Natrelle Gel Implants?

I had a breast augmentation revision on 7-22-13, I had a ruptured saline implant (550 cc)that totally deflated my right breast. So I changed them with... READ MORE

Breast Lift Timing - Best Results in Regards to Symmetry and Scarring? (photo)

I'm replacing my 450cc sub-glandular salines with 255cc silicone, partial sub-muscular and a lift. I am staging the lift to stave off any possibility... READ MORE

How to minimize scarring after breast revision surgery? Massage or not? (Photo)

Movement stretches scars and triggers more scar tissue buildup so the key is to leave the scars alone. On the contrary, it’s said messaging the... READ MORE

Considering breast implant reduction and lift but afraid of cost and scars?

1982 A cup to a full B, I went 26 yrs with them, had 5 babies, up/down weight etc. 2008 they were painful and hard. one had ruptured and the... READ MORE

Why Dont Surgeon Listen to What Patients REALLY and when They Are Unhappy with Outcome of Their Implants?

Been using same Dr since 1999! 1st time was perfect! 2nd time(2011) many issues, 3rd time(2011) NOT happy either( he blamed me for both times)! He... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Contraction with Heavy Scaring. What Can Be Done to Fix the Problem?

I have had three breast augmentations. The last surgery was after 12 years with saline implants and the right side had stage 4 contracture. My Dr.... READ MORE

The total cost & trade-offs of mastopexy (Photo)

I understand the scar is the main one- no getting around it, and I don't think the circumareolar (?) will give the lift I need, so what does that... READ MORE

Scared of returning to Fort Lauderdale because of this post - "Breast Revision Gone Very Bad - Fort Lauderdale, FL" (Photo)

On August 15, 2012 (when I was 18), I made the stupid decision to get 700 cc implants (Natrelle HP, under the muscle, periareolar incision.) I want to... READ MORE

What can be done for a poor aesthetic results after explant/capsulectomy? It's been 3 months (Photo)

I explanted 750cc silicones without a lift or replacement. I was having throbbing pain/itching in the right breast. Now I feel great but look awful.... READ MORE

Implant replacement with lifting - why is the skin loose?

I had breast implant replacement from 300 down to 250 with lifting using the lejour method 2 moths ago. Scars are fine but my breast when seen from... READ MORE

6 months post op Mastopexy & Implant exchange, I have asymmetry, severe scarring, and pain. Is this normal? (photo)

In late March of this year I had a mastopexy with implant exchange. Holes developed in the left incision. I have a large, thick scar on the left,... READ MORE

I want my breast redone. Can I close the inside pocket of my breast and use the same size implants again?

I don't want a breast life! for scarring reasons. i just want to close the inside pocket of my breast a little and use the same size implants again,... READ MORE

I'm worried about nipple placement, sensation and scars around the nipple

I was a 30F but after 3 kids they have deflated, but the skin is still an F cup, with little tissue in them, so they are very flappy. Right now I wear... READ MORE

What do I do now?

I've just had a re Aug due to the previous surgeon putting one in the submusclur & other in sub glan, scars was huge, one boob bigger then the other,... READ MORE

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