Post-pregnancy + Breast Implant Revision

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Can I Increase the Size of my Existing Saline Breast Implants?

I have had Saline implants for about 4 to 5 years now. I had a baby about 3 months ago. I dont know why but it feels like my breasts have gotten... READ MORE

Do I need breast implants in addition to a lift? Is it possible to have them closer together? (Photo)

Hi there, I had breast implant surgery a little over 10 years ago. I was very flat and went from an A to a small D (high profile/saline/under muscle).... READ MORE

Can I go bigger? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation on September 3, 2013. I had a planned on going with 350-400cc HP or extra HP depending on the size he could fit, because... READ MORE

What's the best option & cost to give me perkier, higher & firmer breast? Currently 450cc saline under the muscle (Photo)

I breastfed for 16 months & wanted to repair my deflated breast. My surgeon advised me against a lift due to scarring, recovery & future children. We... READ MORE

I have double bubble - revision op in 2 weeks. Can a new pocket be created or can the original be fixed? (Photo)

I had my breasts done in Thailand 3 years ago,since then I have had a baby i have double implants have dropped and looks its worst when I... READ MORE

What kind of revision do I need? Do I need a lift as well? (Photo)

I had a BA in 2011. Before 34B perky, now DD saggy. I feel like my implants have always sat very high! It wasn't so bad the first year I got them done... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for a breast lift and augmentation or do I just need a revision? (Photo)

I currently have saline, over the muscle implants that are 13 years old and due for removal/replacement. I've been through several pregnancies with... READ MORE

How soon can I have lipo and change my breast implants?

I am 34 yrs old an mother of 4 kids. I became pregnant with my fifth child an had a still birth @ 22 wks , how long do i have to wait before i can do... READ MORE

Follow up - Should I get a lift or just larger implants? (Photo)

I was updating this w.a better picture by it wasn't clear. I'm 5'3" 120 lbs mother Who Bf 1.. I'm getting implants & am confused. 1) wants to do a... READ MORE

Will 800cc silicone implants be the best size for my revision? (Photo)

I have had two other BA surgeries. I never developed ANY breast tissue so at 18yrs old I chose small saline 350cc-400cc implant. After kids had... READ MORE

Breast implant revision after two kids. Would I require a lift to achieve the "fake" look? (Photo)

I currently have 450cc HP unders and am hoping to upgrade the size and change to overs as I want to achieve the big "fake" round look very high look.... READ MORE

Which would be best? A simple removal with lift or replacement for 18 yo silicone implants? (Photo)

Hello. I had a BA 18 years ago to conceal a strong asymmetry (one breast barely an A, the other a B). I woke up a 34C, with different sized silicone... READ MORE

Do I need capsulorrhaphy & lift? Would capsulorrhaphy alone help lift the implant? Moderately concerned about scarring (Photo)

Ten year old 425cc mod round implants. Pregnancy caused ptosis. Would capsulorrhaphy alone help to lift and hold the implant? Would ultimate breast... READ MORE

Is 500cc HP too big for me?

I am scheduled for an implant revision. I currently have 295cc anatomicals (410 MF) and they do not fill out the skin I have from pregnancy and... READ MORE

Post pregnancy revision surgery free?

I see all these girls say that they get revisions after they breastfeed their babies. They say that the milk adds CCs and makes them look uneven. They... READ MORE

Over, Under or Lift? (Photo)

I have 380cc low profile round overs, they are 6 years old and had 2 children. I now have very visible rippling. Not sure what I need for natural... READ MORE

High profile or moderate plus?

I currently have augment I have 350cc high profile silicone gel. Since surgery I have had a child and have more breast tissue. I would like to be able... READ MORE

Uplift or uplift and implant? 8 years post op (Photo)

Uplift or uplift and implant I am wondering if I would be a suitable candidate for a breast lift and possible new implants? I don't wish to be bigger... READ MORE

How much is lost after swelling reduction? (Photo)

Hi there! I just had my implant exchange monday, 7/13/15. I went from 350cc saline moderate profile to 600cc saline high profile. I had alot of excess... READ MORE

I have had 3 breast surgeries. Had my first Implants in 2011. My current implants are too small. Should I have more surgery?

Then had the.taken out after having my daughter in 2013 then did not like.the deflation look so had them.put back in 2014 size 250cc do not like the... READ MORE

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