Pocket + Breast Implant Revision

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Bottomed Out or Low Pocket?

This picture is one week post op. There is an obvious difference but my PL said things are looking great and on track and not to be worried. I asked... READ MORE

Pockets Made Too Big Implants Move Around & Hang too Low, Can This Be Corrected Without an Uplift? (photo)

I had 450 implants 3 years ago and I have never been happy with them they are too big,and now move around but I dont really want an uplift due to... READ MORE

Can I Correct Breast Pocket w/o Surgery 3 Weeks Post Op?

I'm 3 weeks post op BA/BL (339cc silicone/anchor). At my last appt (10dpo) my dr. noted that while in a reclined position my left implant slides... READ MORE

Do I Need a BA Revision? Bottoming Out, Hypertrophic Scars, Muscular Distortion & Asymmetry. (photo)

I am 27, 116 lb, 5'7" & had BA surgery 15 mths ago. Got inframammary subpectoral 260cc silicone implants & went from small B to large... READ MORE

How Long Does a Pocket Revision Last if You Are Athletic?

I have saline implants for about 13years now 460cc on right 445cc left, my left breast pocket has shifted into my armpit. This has made me decide its... READ MORE

Advice on Options for Breast Lift Revision? Implant out of Pocket Now (Photos)

4 Months ago I underwent full Anchor Lifts on both breasts (after a previous post I decided to go forward with the breast lift). As you can see, my... READ MORE

Swelling and Sewn Pocket

I had my breast augumentation 4 days ago.They had to sew the pocket from previous augumentation because the implant shifted to the side some.Now with... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Downsize from 325cc to 250cc Without Adjusting the Pocket?

I just had a BA 4 weeks ago and I know I am only a few weeks PO but I have already made the decisin of going smaller. I got 325cc Moderate Profile 13... READ MORE

Capsulotomy? Pocket Revision? (photo)

I had my 2nd BA Oct 2011 (change from saline to silicone, increase 425cc to 752cc, both sub-muscular). I'm 5'10" / 138 lbs. Watching my breasts... READ MORE

Pocket Revision/internal Bra Drop and Fluff?

Do you still drop and fluff like the first time with a bilateral capsulorrhaphy? I had several sutures put in and initially was 420cc mod, I am now... READ MORE

Keeping Pockets Open After Breast Implants Revision?

I recently had a bottomed out breast implant revision where my surgeon also cut a larger pocket superiorly. I have been trying to push the implant... READ MORE

Lateral and Inferior Displacement of Implants - Capsulorraphy

I have read that it's necessary to use permanent sutures to repair an over-dissected pocket and raise the fold. I've also read that... READ MORE

Is Pocket Revision Always Necessary?

I'm 5'2 105lbs was 32C prior and recently had a BA. My surgeon chose to use 400cc(R) and 425cc(L). In 12wks (I am 3wks out), I would like to... READ MORE

If I replace 325cc for 250cc, will they sag down because a larger pocket has already been formed?

Like to go smaller and thought 250 cc would be more my fit. I am athletic 5'4" 110 and lost most of my breasts due to breast feeding. B cup... READ MORE

How Do Plastic Surgeons Make the Pockets Even on Both Breasts?

I had a revision where the surgeon had to bring the inframmary fold up to a better Position. I am 6 months post. I am being told by other surgeons... READ MORE

Is 7 Weeks Post-Op Revision of Implant Pockets too Soon to See Results, Or Should I Get a Revision? (Photo)

Im 7 weeks post op from an internal revision of my breast implant pockets. They are quite uneven and different in size now. Is it too soon to do a... READ MORE

Should More Muscle Cutting be Done to Make Room For Left Breast Implant? (photo)

Surgery 4Jan.In left breast tried release muscle+open a little more pocket from both,right was getting V form due pockets weren´t big enough as... READ MORE

Is There Any Hope After Bottoming Out 3x's?

I'm 5' 4" 105 lbs, originally a 32 B (barely) implants are Mentor Gel 375CC. 2 bottoming out corrections later, permanent sutures, over... READ MORE

Breast Pocket is Misshapen Due to Rib Placement? (photo)

My 1st BA was in June and right side did not descend. 2 wks ago had pocket revision. Natural right breast was smaller and higher than left. now there... READ MORE

How Do You Make a Brand New Pocket During a Breast Augmentation Revision, when the First Was Under the Muscle?

I am getting a BA revision and replacing smooth silicone under rounds with textured gummy bear anatomicals. I am going much smaller, as well. My... READ MORE

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