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How Long Before Incision from Breast Augmentation Heals?

I recently had a revision done through crease incision for one side of my breast. Because I have very very thin skin, I am concerned about the breast... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision. Upsizing. Will Recovery Be Quicker And Look More Natural Sooner? (photo)

I have new 350cc silicone unders and am considering a relatively small upsize in years to come. Would recovery from revision surgery be much quicker... READ MORE

How Much Pain & Healing Time Can I Expect with Implant Exchange From Over the Muscle to Under?

I'm getting my 450cc saline overs replaced to silicone under. I do want to go bigger but worried about the changing of the pocket-healing and... READ MORE

Had Tubular Breast Correction, I Need Another Lift and I Want Larger Implants and Scar Revision What Options do I Have? (photo)

I had a lift/augmentation 5 months ago. I had tubular breasts, & cup size difference. The doctor made an insision around my areola's, reduced... READ MORE

Should Original Surgeon Carry Out Implant Revision?

I had a peri-areolar lift in September 2010 and not happy with the results. First the nipples are stretched too wide and are unattractive. There is... READ MORE

Will my Incision Site Scars Be Much Worse After a Breast Implant Revision?

I had a breast augmentation about 2 months ago with 300cc salines and they are too big so I am planning on having a revision with 250 cc silicone. I... READ MORE

Tear to Breast Pocket?

I had a BA a year ago however the implants were too wide for my frame so I had a revision 7 months ago. All has been fine until 4 weeks ago when I had... READ MORE

Will I Have the Same Experience BA After 10 Yrs- Revision?

About 10 years ago I had BA without Breast lift to correct tuberous breast pre-op 34B and flanks lipo. The implants used 300cc saline submuscular... READ MORE

How Many Time is Needed for the Tissue to Heal and to Be Ready for New Augmentation?

Hi,sorry for my bad English.My 2nd surgeon wants to remove my implants for 6 months,because I have too many complications and he recomends me that my... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision and Reconstruction Post-op Wound Healing Horribly? (photo)

About 3 weeks ago I had a breast implant revision and reconstruction (2 surgeries) on one breast only. I feel that my doctor did NOT do a sufficient... READ MORE

Trouble Healing Post Mastopexy. Hypertrophic Scarring and Pain?

I had implants replaced with smaller ones, along with mastopexy 6 weeks ago. The vertical part of the lollipop incision has 2-3 cm areas bilaterally... READ MORE

My Wound Isn't Healing? (photo)

I had a breast implant exchange and full anchor breast lift on 11/8. 3 weeks after the surg I noticed an open wound under my R breast. I went to the... READ MORE

Why Am I Supposed to Wait 8-10 Months Before Having Either Revision or Implant Removal?

Im a bit confused, some Doctors said it's ok to remove implants as soon as possible while others said 8 to 10 months at least. So is it because... READ MORE

Am I Safe to Come off Antibiotics?

Had surgery to reposition a breast implant on March 1st. Wound separated twice since, stayed in hospital with drains and antibiotic treatment. Have... READ MORE

Will my Right Implant Take Longer to Heal After Revision Needed Due to Rupture?

My right 20 yr. old saline implant ruptured on in Aug. approx.7 months. ago. I have replaced them both recently in March. with 659cc mod.+ silicone... READ MORE

Common Mistakes while Healing from a BA revision? (photo)

I just had revision surgery on Nov 21, 2013 as my left implant dropped lower than my right. Although I have instructions from my PS of what to do /... READ MORE

I Had Implant Explantation with New Larger Implants. Left Breast Incision Will Not Heal, and It's Been 8 Weeks?

My left breast incision has a small hole at the base. My incision is from the aerola down to the fold. The open area, which has been re-sutured twice,... READ MORE

I Had Revision on Left Breast, Can Remedies Like Sage/peppermint Tea or Phytolacca/pulsatilla Help?

I've already had a revision surgery on left side. Right side is perfect! Will using sage/peppermint or herbals like phytolacca/pulsatilla help reduce... READ MORE

When will I feel normal again after my implant exchange? (photo)

I got an implant exchange, saline to silicone, 525cc unders w/a lift on Nov 22, 2013. There was a lot of scar tissue and the procedure took 4 hrs.... READ MORE

Is revision recovery as long as initial recovery? Will my boobs eventually look the same after healing?

Breast Aug April 2013 500 cc under the muscle, a few months later my left implant started to bottom out. I saw my ps and we did a revision where he... READ MORE

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