Gummy Bear Implants + Breast Implant Revision

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Is It Possible to Order Customized Breast Implants?

I had breast implant revision surgery recently to replace saline implants which visibly wrinkled. I have very little breast tissue and therefore chose... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Implants From 350CC to 354CC: Should I See a Difference?

Four months ago had Gummy Bear implants and lollipop lift after removal of original silicone implants from 2001. Original size was 350cc's and... READ MORE

Are Gummy Bear Breast Implants in Round Shape? if So, After Years the Shape of Breast Would Be Firm and Perky?

I'm looking for a breast revision, i had silicone implants,but i think after 5 years are shaggier and the size doesn't please me.I want to go bigger,... READ MORE

Will This Be a Major Surgery Breast Revision? (photo)

I have 360cc saline implants 1 yr ago. As you can see my right breast is farther out and sits lower than my left which is not as soft and sits a bit... READ MORE

How to Fix Implants After Revision Surgery

I previously asked- are gummy bears worth it? I have had the following ops: breast aug, 500 cc saline overfilled to 575 cc, under the muscle,... READ MORE

For 4th Surgery, Should I Removing an Encapsulated Saline Implant and Replace W/ 'Gummy Bear' Implant?

47 yr old, healthy with recurrent encapsulation in right breast. I am considering a 4th surgery to replace my saline, submuscular 350cc implant with a... READ MORE

Implant Upgrade- Stick With Silicone or Switch To Gummy Bear?

Hi All, Its pretty weird for me to ask question about implant. But im doing this for my wife. My wife is Asian 30 year old, 5'5" and about... READ MORE

Ripples &extra skin under incision after exchanging Saline implants for Gummy Bear Implants. What is the best solution? (photos)

On 11/8//13 I had an mplant swap from saline to gummy bear. I went from 350cc saline To 545cc gummy bear. I wanted 600cc and he told me that they... READ MORE

Gummy bear anatomic implants vs cohesive smooth round - is it a tradeoff between looking natural and feeling natural?

Hi, trying to select implants for my reoperation due to capsular contracture, overly full upper pole and visible knuckling. Will move from over to... READ MORE

Do I Require Capsulopexy?

I want to downsize anatomical gummy bear implants from 360cc to 335cc (to a decreased diameter of implant from 13cm to 12cm). Would I require a... READ MORE

Gummy bear implants lodged

Hi. After having silicon implants with rippling, a new doctor said he could correct with the gummy bear implant. Right after surgery there was pain on... READ MORE

What size to get to not regret-Now 36B/34C- 250 cc silicone- gummies. Had for 3 yrs and want bigger now- 5'6", 115lbs. (photos)

How high are my chances of getting the same great results as before only bigger and not sure what size? I worry about CC, my surgeon said that there... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the look of my asymmetrical, misshapen breasts? (Photo)

Had modified radical mastectomy on right breast a McGhan reconstructive mammary implant, 630 cc inserted, McGhan 110 Biocell gel implant, size 300 on... READ MORE

Rethinking for a revision. I'm 4"11, about 135 lbs have 470cc gummy bears. What is a good size for me going down? (Photo)

Rethinking for a revision I'm 4"11 and weight about 135 have 470cc gummy bear ..My question is what is a good size for me thinking going down 100cc... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for an active woman of 70 who needs implant exchange using dual plane procedure?

My doctor and I discussed implant exchange with capsulectomy. It would be a Mentor "gummy bear" implant to replace my silicone implants of 15 years... READ MORE

Will a breast augmentation revision fix the asymmetry? (Photo)

I am 10 months post-op. I was 32AA pre-op and currently 32 C with Mentor Smooth Round High Profile Saline 290cc implants overfilled to 340cc with... READ MORE

I am having severe issues with submusclar because I am a very athletic woman. Would gummy bear implants help? (Photo)

I currently have submuscular implants; I am having severe issues with submusclar because I am a very athletic woman and body build. They need to be... READ MORE

Is gummies for reconstructive surgery? I have capsular contracture and one of the surgeons i saw wants to put gummies in me.

One NEW PS wants to do a capsulectomy, put gummie bears w/ strattice in me through fold. my OLD PS told me that gummies wouldnt work b/c my pocket is... READ MORE

Should I be worried about shape, liquid sound, and pain on sides? (Photo)

I had my 700cc implant replaced because of a rupture. Doctor said 800cc gummies fit better. Which I feel are so much heavier. I'm worried about my... READ MORE

How was I injured so badly during surgery? 72 hours post op donut mastopexy with 360 saline to 375 gummy exchange (Photo)

Upper arm pain as bad as breast pain right after surgery, considered getting sling.brought it up the next day at my post op-told "yes at first... READ MORE

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