Fake Look + Breast Implant Revision

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I Have 1000cc`s Saline over Filled with 850 Implant Bag, How Can I Proceed To Meet My Expectations? (photo)

I have 1000cc`s saline implant with 850 implant bag, I have high profile, I am 5`7 waist 26.5, hips 37. I work out alot weight, yoga aerobics. Now my... READ MORE

How Much Can Saline Implants Be Overfilled?

I had my saline breast implants replaced 6 months ago to 450cc's filled to 475 and 525. I am not pleased with the results. They are full on bottom... READ MORE

How can I get my fake Playboy look back?

In 2001, I got 400 cc saline breast implants. They appeared large, round, full and high like a "Playboy" model. One ruptured six months ago... READ MORE

1yr Ago I Had a Full Anchor Lift Areola Reduction and Implants. What Can I Expect From a Change to HP w/ 100cc Increase? (photo)

Natrelle Mod.unders L360cc/400ccR..If u c my bfore pic we will agree my doc did a great job but My implants look flat almost no projection..Doc wanted... READ MORE

Will I Fin 475cc's/515cc's too Big?

Im doing a revision as my right breast sits slighty lower than my left. I originally got 330cc high profile cohesive silicone implants under the... READ MORE

Switching from 425cc HP silicones to 550-700cc Salines for the pornstar look - can i accommodate larger implants? (Photo)

5'4 104lbs. I was 32A and got 425cc hp silicone 6 mnth ago then had capsulotomy 2 weeks ago. He lowered the pocket and released the muscle. When can i... READ MORE

Is there an implant that would give me porn star fake looking boobs? Without bra I want them high up, close and full (Photo)

First I did 530 cc moderate plus saline implants , behind the muscle. , should I have done high profile gummy bear. Over or bedhind the muscle ? When... READ MORE

130 lbs, 5"9', 6 months post with 510cc and unhappy - How can I get a "fake" round look with high and centered nipples? (photo)

6 months post 510cc sientra round smooth modplus. 25 no kids. 130 and 5"9. I am extremely unhappy with results. I was originally 34b and never saggy-... READ MORE

I'm having my implants replaced to go down a size. Would changing from 650cc saline to 500cc silicone gel achieve a "fake" look?

I am 5'5" 155 lbs with athletic build. I got 650 cc saline implants 6 years ago and wear a 38 DD in most bras but it fits very snug. I am EXHAUSTED... READ MORE

Why does my breast have a fold on the side? Are they sagging? Or is that just lower pole? (Photo)

(Please see photos) I had stattice in my last revision due to thin skin/capsular contracture. That surgery was just Jan 14, 2015. There was also an... READ MORE

How many cc do I need to achieve a fake stripper look? Is it safe for me to put 650 cc in? (Photo)

I have 375 cc under the muscle incision wS under the Armpit. I 5'6 weigh 71 kilos and I feel me implants Are really high and not much boob at the... READ MORE

Almost three weeks post opp & I hate my implants, can I get a revision? (photo)

They don't look anything like I thought they would & I'm very disappointed. I went 510ccs I wore a 34c before. My doctor gave me the impression that... READ MORE

Will 700cc look okay? Will it give my the faker look I desire?

I currently have 375cc ultra high profile over the muscle, I wanted the faker look and to me they look extremely natural. I've been back and forth... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve a Fake Look with Dual Plane Technique?

I have 295 hp over the muscle,allergan inspira and I have bottomed out.I want a higher,rounder and fuller look.My ps recommended 485hp with dual plane... READ MORE

Would removing the subglandular implants and placing a smaller (going from a 340 to a 200) implant subpectoral work?

A year ago, I had silicon implants and a lift to correct tubular breasts. I'm unhappy, as the doctor made me larger than I wanted, and they are... READ MORE

Is it easier to go bigger after already having implants? When will an internal bra be needed?

I currently have 325cc unhappy with size wanting to go 550cc- 600cc. is it easier to go bigger after already having implants. At what size is an... READ MORE

Switching from 17 yr old saline 400cc to 550cc silicone hp implants. Can these still somewhat look natural if going that big?

My concern is going with the high profile implants. I like the way mine have settled in but the rippling from the saline has caused me to do an... READ MORE

Going from submuscular to subglandular: will I benefit? I've always wanted a more fake look.

Recently had both implants removed due to problems in the left! I have had two augmentations in 2008 and April 8 14 330cc to start then 600cc! Now I... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision - what size implant, type and placement would you suggest for a more natural look? (photos)

I had a BA 5 years ago but I am unhappy with the results. I have 300cc textured saline implants over the muscle. They are too large (I am 5ft5 and... READ MORE

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