Explant + Breast Implant Revision

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Explantation? Does It Require More then Just Removal of Implant to Get Hopeful Pleasing, Understood Deflated Appearance

50 years old. 145# 36D. from 36C...270cc saline round...I keep hear about capsulectomy??? No issues with implants just feel top heavy...and they are... READ MORE

Can I Get Implants Explanted and Lifted in Same Procedure, Why the Conflicting Opinions?

I have 800cc mentor smooth round implants placed over muscle. One PS said I would be a tough case and referred me due to the fact I have severe... READ MORE

Pls give me options! I know nothing is guaranteed. But recommend something for best outcomes. (Photo)

26 yrs old, 5'4 120 lbs. Orig. BA 3 yrs ago 500cc sil. High pro... dbl bubble formed. This past May went to dif. PS for rev. At 1st looked great. Now... READ MORE

Is This Symastia or Jot an is It Something That Can Be Fixed?

Right now I had my implants removed an im on a waiting period I have 2 months left to have my surgery but the center of my chest has always been an... READ MORE

How Long After Implant Removal Can You Replace Them?

I was explanted about six months ago with no redo(they were removed under local and basically just popped out), because my right implant kept shifting... READ MORE

Same Incision 3 Times?

I want to downsize my implants by 100cc and my PS suggest I should explant first for the breast pockets heal by itself,then wait a few more month and... READ MORE

Deflation of saline implants while breastfeeding, with intent to explant after weaning. How long can they be left in?

Have 8 y/o saline implants under muscle.Since successfully nursed 1st child up to 20 months,currently nursing 2nd child at 11 months.I'm 1 cup size... READ MORE

Think they to big & too low from 34A(smallB) instead of C cup. I got 34DD/D!! I want to explant/implant. Any suggestion? (photo)

Hi,I had ba in April/14 was34A(sB) now I'm 34DD-D, wanted to have 34Cmy doc went toobig .I was experiencing holes-open after bs but healed in3mnts.I... READ MORE

Will downsizing implants lower my nipple position?

Will downsizing implant size lower my nipples at all? I have 457 l and 492r now. I had a lift. Just wondering if decreasing size will lower nipple... READ MORE

3/3 surgeries contractures in a year. Tried different antibiotics, nothing works. Is explanation only the option? Suggestions?

I don't know what to do besides remove the implants but I barely have any fat in my breast tissue. Thus it will look horrible if I remove my current... READ MORE

Can you help determine implant size from my pictures and if you think I'll need a lift with explantation? (photos)

Records are 23 yrs old. All I know is that I have McGhan silicone, textured round implants from 1991, with sub glandular placement, periareolar... READ MORE

I'm 44 turning 45 & would like to explant/redo from Mid-profile to low profile, smaller implant. Is this possible? (photo)

I am 125 5' 3". I like my implants but they are just too big. I am 44 turning 45 this year and even my younger friends have lost upper fullness and... READ MORE

Should I have my implants removed if 6 different antibiotic regimens do not completely clear what seems like an infection?

Had revision of old implants dec 14 , developed bilateral hematomas due to blood thinner, surgery to clean pockets jan 8, 2015. Wound healing issue,... READ MORE

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