Encapsulated + Breast Implant Revision

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Breast Revision Using ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix)? (photo)

I've had my implants for 11 yrs with no complications. Last week I awoke to one breast being encapsulated. Thus far, I've visited two doctors. One Dr.... READ MORE

Cost for Replacing Encapsulated Breast After 11 Years of Implants? (photo)

Hi... I awoke the other morning to an encapsulated breast.... maybe I'm oblivious but I truly had no warning signs. I went to see the doctor who... READ MORE

Will I Definitely Encapsulate Because I Had a Seroma?

I am almost 2 weeks post-op from an open capsulectomy/implant exchange (right side only), and I developed excessive fluid in my breast. It's... READ MORE

For 4th Surgery, Should I Removing an Encapsulated Saline Implant and Replace W/ 'Gummy Bear' Implant?

47 yr old, healthy with recurrent encapsulation in right breast. I am considering a 4th surgery to replace my saline, submuscular 350cc implant with a... READ MORE

Have Had Encapsulation With Saline Implants, Than Again After Revision. What Are My Options?

I Had Saline Breast Implants 6 Years Ago.  I Had my Left Breast Implant Replaced Due to an Encapsulation.  Within 4 Months I Had an... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Breast Lift/ with Augmentation?

Unilateral BA at 19yo for asymmetry. Now 50. Encapsulated implant rmvd 3 wks ago, both breasts BL/BA, 304cc silicone, upper peri-aureolar, crescent... READ MORE

Removing Both Capsules or Just the Encapsulated One? (photo)

I have posted other questions before... thank you for all of your great answers! My left breast is encapsulated. My implants are now beneath the... READ MORE

Help with RE-fixing Asymmetry After Prior Augmentation & Lift (Smooth/textured? Over/under Muscle?) (photo)

I am seeking advice on what steps to take for my breast surgery soon. I plan to have a lift on both as well as my implants replaced and larger. I... READ MORE

Can Naturalfil Be Used on Breasts Post Many Implant Replacements?

I have had nine implants over the years due to incapsulation. I am not badly incapsulated and uncomfortable. My physician says she can remove the... READ MORE

My Encapsulated Breast?

I had done my implant in nov 2010 and got encapsulated in dic 2011. My DR. Was Simon from cosmetic center in miami, fl. I had a terreble situation... READ MORE

Can I Have Encapsulated Implants Replaced if I Am Now on Coumadin?

I have developed encapsulated implants and I've had them for about 15 yrs now. During this time, I've had to gone on coumadin therapy for... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Breast Aug?

I had two procedures done two months ago a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. I had a deviated septum, I went back yesterday for a follow up and my... READ MORE

I've Had 2 Breast Augs & May Need a 3rd Due to Encapsulation. Should I Have a 3rd? Should I Change the Type/size?

Had implants in Mar '12. By Nov '12 the left side encapsulated. had my 2nd surgery in Jan '13 & in July the same! L. breast encapsulating again.... READ MORE

My Breasts Keep Encapsulating About One Year After Surgery?

Although my implants are encapsulated, the breasts are not mis-shapened. I have had my implants replaced twice due to encapsulation, the last time was... READ MORE

I had a capsulectomy 6 weeks ago and still not recovered. My left breast was encapsulated. Any suggestions?

Frustrated, sad, and tired of hiding my breast under baggie clothes. My left breast was encapsulated, had a capsulectomy 6 weeks ago. My breast... READ MORE

My right breast started feeling hard within three weeks of surgery. Could this be breast encapsulation again?

I had breast augmentation in 1983 and developed encapsulation over a 20 year period. i had encapsulation surgery done in 2011. However within weeks... READ MORE

What's the best encapsulation prevention and diagnostic technique?

Three weeks ago I had bilateral silicone implants removed from under the fascia due to bilateral rupture and Grade IV encapsulation. Silicone implants... READ MORE

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