Drainage + Breast Implant Revision

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Draining Saline Breast Implants Before Surgery?

I have saline implants that are too big and I want them removed and don't know if I need smaller implants or none at all. Can saline implants be... READ MORE

Drainage Post- Capsulectomy on One Breast

With drain for 7 days. drained 25 cc for the past 2 days from 1 breast only. is this still a lot? what is the cut-off for drainage, and how long can a... READ MORE

10 yr BA Post Op Deflation with Lift and Implant Replacement? (photo)

425cc submuscular saline implants drained in preparation of anchor lift, pocket revisions and implant replacement with silicone mod plus. I am 36B... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post of After Breast Lift and Replacement of Implants is This Normal?

>2 weeks after surgery I landed up having a drainage tube placed in my left breast due to a blood clot forcing through my incision and constantly... READ MORE

Is it normal for a Dr. to drain your old saline implants 2 weeks before surgery?

Hello. I will be going in in February to replace my very old saline implants which now have some hardening issues. I think I will also need capsules... READ MORE

Wounds Would Not Close First Time Around, Will This Happen Again?

I Had Breast Augmentation in August, over the Muscle 340 Cc. 5 Weeks Post Op a Blister Appeared in the Incision (Right Side) the surgon checked it out... READ MORE

Can Accent Treatment for Lymph Drainage Be the Cause of the Severe Rippling I Have?

I had a breast revision operation 5 weeks ago to correct mild capsular contraction. Unfortunately my breasts look 20 times worse now as I have severe... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Help Heal with out Implant Removal For Reoccurring Drainage?

I just had surgery to correct a possible capsular contraction . Once in surgery it turned out to be a fluid buildup only with alot of tissue... READ MORE

What is the cost to evacuate a seroma from one breast? Any California PS who do needle aspirations?

Developed a seroma in my left breast after revision surgery. What's the cost of drainage in operating room with drains vs ultrasound guided needle... READ MORE

Drain fluid is still dark red one week after Breast Implant Revision surgery with Strattice. Is this a cause for concern?

I had breast implant revision surgery with strattice a week ago. The PS placed a drain for the left side. I was told that the fluid in the drain... READ MORE

Somebody Please HELP. Second Breast Implant and Same Problem?

I had a breast enlargement 6 months ago, left was fine and healed perfectly. Right was painful and swollen and burning and eventually opened up and... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation with a lift and implant exchange done. Drainage tubing broke INSIDE my breast! Have you seen this?

Going in for another surgery ! Ugh! To remove the roughly 5 inches of tubing. The surgeon is removing implant, removing broken tubing, put in new... READ MORE

Can you drain just a little out of each breast implant?

Can you drain just a little out of each implant without draining it all? Like 50 CC in each without having to remove implant and starting over? READ MORE

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